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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Mayor Ray Nagin announced today that the 7th street levee that has been flooding New Orleans for more than a week has been repaired and the pumps are beginning to drain the city, which is just the beginning of the rebuilding of this vital Louisiana city. The Hildabeast, (who always has to get her two cents in when something that may buy her votes is concerned), is demanding that the President create a commission to investigate the slow response. Bush is calling for an additional 40 billion in hurricane relief, Senators from BOTH parties are screaming for blood and Kathleen Blanco Governor of Louisiana is quiet! I know she's busy but this Democrat has a mountain of things to answer for. After the city of New Orleans, the state is the next step in disaster response and in every aspect Gov. Blanco failed in her responsibility to the citizens of her state. The entire area was forwarned as long ago as 2003 that this type of devistation was possible. Yet they took NO action to correct an inexcusable problem! Even as late as last Friday President Bush met with Nagin and Blanco to try and force the issue for evacuating the remainder of the city and other needs that were demanding to be addressed and the President had to remove himself with Blanco from the meeting in order to lay the law down concerning the offering of federal assistance and her response was that she needed 24 HOURS to decide and give the President an answer! People were dying and their Governor needed 24 hours to decide on whether she would accept help! This according to a television interview with Nagin this morning. The President was following his Constitutional duty by allowing the state to take first steps and offering federal assistance which states usually jump on! Take for example the devistation in Florida last year. I don't remember Jeb Bush wringing his hands in anquish asking 24 hours to make a decision ! He jumped in with both feet at the state level first and then requested federal help and everything went smooth! When all of the rescue operations are over and the state of Louisiana begins to rise from the ashes left by Katrina then all of the investigations begin to bring to light the inept job performed by Kathleen Blanco, the state legislature should reply in only one manner. IMPEACH the Governor for high crimes and misdimeanors in neglegting to protect her citizens when it was in her power to do so!

Ken Taylor


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