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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"A Conservative Christmas"......A Little Political Christmas Fun !

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the House Dennis Hastert was searching for a liberal louse.
While up in the Senate Tom Daschel scratched his head, "How in the world am I politically dead?!?!?"
The Dems were all huddled in their left wing traits, with visions of Hillary for Prez in 2000 and 8.
Barney Franks in his 'kerchief with a Page on his lap, keeps telling John Kerry, "Heinz Ketchup tastes like crap!"
When out on the Capitol lawn came a clatter, every window burst open, "Hey what's the matter?"
"Bang, Pow, Boom, Screach, Crunch, Clang and Crash; the ghost of Mary Jo and Teddy K in his Olds; as always he's smashed!
The moon shining bright on the Capitol Dome, brought forth a great smile since this is a Republican home!
When what to my conservative eyes did appear, but President Bush and his cabinet bringing up the rear.
With the pride of an eagle he lead and each came, then he laughed and he waved and he called them by name.
"Come Condi, Come Donald, Come Cheney and Powell, the entire majority let out a great howl!
The President stepped foward with a look of great trust, saying, "We've come here to lobby you Dems if we must.
There's much work to be done in the upcoming year, as we pass my agenda, there's nothing to fear!"
A hush fell on all as the President spoke, then Nancy Pelosi stepped up with a quiver, her voice choked.
"Mr. President," she said as a tear lined her cheek, "the election was stolen we've claimed week after week.
The people don't know how to vote or to choose, it's up to us liberals to tell them even when we lose!"
Bill Frist then burst forth with a smile on his face, waving papers that brought cheers from all over the place!
"I have it here!" he then yelled with a sigh of relief, the Dems looked at each other with anger and disbelief.
"This map shows red states throughout this great land, which prooves Mr. Bush the people will lend a hand.
The mandate is set, the people have spoken, the Dems can't accept just how badly their broken!"
Frist's words brought a smile and a twinkle in his eye, then the President turned and began waving, "goodbye."
As he walked down the stairs off into the night, he was heard saying, "Merry Christmas to all, I won this one outright!"

Merry Christmas from the Liberal Lie, The Conservative truth!

an original poem by: Ken Taylor


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