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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Library Opening Just Like Administration - - - All Wet !

Today under a blanket of clouds, rainy and at times drenching skies the Clinton Presidential Library opened to fanfare and unpresidented media coverage. Now don't get me wrong as with any President the opening of a library should be a special occasion with the typical patriotic fare as any historical moment deserves. But todays opening was a little much. First the media's response was far, far over done. All the major networks and CNN actually had their anchor desk at the Little Rock location. The press kept a 24/7 watch over every aspect of the opening. I remember the dedications and openings of several Presidential libraries; JFK's, Nixon's, Carter's, Reagan's and Bush the father and each recieved a polite mention in the evening news and a reflective report looking back on each Presidency and its historical impact. But today and yesterday you would think that the corination of a king, (with the possibility of Hillary in 08, maybe a queen), or the birth of a nation or the involking of the most significant moment in history had taken place! The Democrates even acted as if THEY had won the election, (oh, I forgot the conspiracy therorists believe they did!). This celebration for the man who actually began the decline of the Democratic Party. It was during his watch in 1994 that the House went Republican for the first time in more than forty years. The eroding of the agenda to that of the extreme left was his doing and continues to be. Hmmm maybe we as conservatives should send a congradulatory note or two! From a historical standpoint, Clinton actually accomplished very little. I know that many of you liberals will argue this point but the record and historical facts speak for themselves. The dishonor and scandal that he brought to the office of the President are still ringing in our ears today. Though the abuse of office was not as drastic as that of Nixon the impact was none the less dramatic and traumatic for the country. The historical significance of the opening pales to that of the Reagan library in that at the time six living Presidents, (Reagan, Bush the father, Carter, Nixon, Ford and Clinton) gathered for the opening. A first and likely only time in American history. Yet today was treated as if US history hinged on those eight unfullfilled at times embarssing and always falling short of promises and expectation years! A legacy that demanded a section in the library about affairs, women and impeachment. Not a bright time in American history and therefore very appropriate that rain dampened the festivities, gray clouds hid the sun and the audience recieved the last drenching from the man whose administration as was his library opening.....all wet!!!!

Ken Taylor


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