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Sunday, November 14, 2004

What A Week To Follow Election Week !

If I were a script writer I do not believe that I could compose a script that would be as involved and a more appropriate follow up to the week of a very hotly contested Presidential election than the week that we have just experienced! Usually following the race for the White House news is rather dull and somewhat mundane after the hectic pace before an election. This past week has been the exception! First, the father of international terrorism enters a hospital and, "dies," several times before actually being pronounced dead and his funeral riot takes place. Now he is reaping his ,"reward" for the life he lead. Let's call a spade a spade, Arafat was a terrorist and not an international head of state as he was treated. His eternel "reward" should be a hot time in the old Mullah tonight! Speaking of hot times the second ending this week came from California as Scott Peterson was pronounced guilty for killing his family. Just when you think there is no justice, justice is served! What a week....and where were many of the Democrats as all of this was happening? Making the talk show scene claiming that the election was stolen, trying to say that 2,000,000 votes were thrown out, all by black voters. On the set of one of the CSI shows on CBS the star actually passed out from, "post election stress!" In Chapel Hill, NC and Boca Raton, Fl psyciatric support groups have been formed to help voters cope with the Kerry loss. Inquires to the New Zealand, Canadian and Australian embassies have increased 10 fold to seek imigration to these countries because of the election. I say, "let 'em go," the countries basically said, "we don't want 'em!" There has been suggestions of the "blue states" seceding from the Union and forming with Canada....hmmm who will defend them from terrorism? Oh yeah I forgot they don't believe it's a threat! Finally many of the election results sites on the web have even taken to distorting the county red, blue state map which shows that the majority of the country is red. By
manipulating and distorting the map to enlarge the cities with a greater population, which many are blue, the country looks somewhat bluer. For example by distorting Florida so that blue Miami is larger the state looks blue.....never mind that it's shaped like a rotten gord and that the President won the state by 500,000 votes! I have been politcally active since 1974 when I became eligable to vote. I participated in the process even before I could vote and in all those years I have never seen the opposition act as devisive and destuctive as the libs have with this election. The President's agenda will be aggressively pushed through Congress over the next few months and with or without help from the libs it will be succesful. I'm betting without because the libs don't have a clue as to why they lost and all the blame and conspiracy theories are not going to change the outcome. Thankfully, as long as they have no clue then they are not willing to address their problem which is, that the electorate just doesn't want what they see in the Democratic party agenda! We on the other hand need to continually tell our story and not take the electorate for granted as did happen after the victory in 1994 with the Contract for America. If we continue as we are and they continue as they are then 2006 and 2008 are looking good. In 2008 the libs seem to be looking toward Hillary.....well come to think of it, if that's what I had to look forward to, then I would need a psyciatric support group too!

Ken Taylor


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