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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Four More Years, Let's Make It Count !

As we continue to size up the meanings behind the President's strong victory on November 2, there are a few things that are crystal clear. The country as a whole is conservative and even the Republicans did not realize how large the base is. The President and the Congress have been given a mandate by the people to act! Not compromise, not bend and give in to the opposition but act on the policies and principles that the President ran on during the campaign. My evidence for this is the following. First: George Bush is the first President since Reagan to gain more that 50% of the popular vote and also recieved the largest vote count in history. Second: The President's coat tails were very strong. Increases in the size of the majority that we have seen in the House and Senate are unusual during a re-election bid. Note that as popular as Reagan was and even during the Clinton re-election the Congress went the other direction. So the President and the Congress have been given a strong and clear mandate by the people. Already the liberals are demanding that the President bend and compromise and meet them on common ground because they cannot accept that the electorate rejected them. The victory was sound and decisive and the numbers show that they are the one who should be looking to bend and not the majority. With that said there are a few red flags that I feel the President and the Republican majority need to be prepared for.

Red Flag # 1: As was mentioned before the mandate is clear and the country wants the President's agenda so we should, for a change, act like the party in power. If the Democtrats were in power they would shove their agenda down our throats with a vengance and even as the minority still believe they can. The Republican leadership needs to be bold and steadfast as the agenda becomes legislation. It is not "mean spirited" to act on what we believe. The country has spoken now the leadership must act!

Red Flag # 2: Look out for Democratic attempts to legislate from the bench. Since they have been in the minority the liberal agenda has been pushed through the courts and not the Congress as our fore fathers intended. This bench legislation through liberal judges who instead of inforcing laws as is their resposibility, choose to attempt to change the law through their decisions is unconstitutional and is the way that the left recently has promoted their agenda. By-passing the people and using the courts.

Red Flag # 3: Look out for the fil-a-buster ! The Democrats have used this in the past four years to obstruct the Congress and force the President's judicial nominees out thus forcing a super majority of 60 to pass legislation and approve judges. Again unconstitutional but is part of the liberal arsenal. It's time for the leadership to end this petty manuever. When the libs fil-a-buster, make them fil-a-buster. No more of this, "gentlemans" stuff, with the fil-a-buster being involked in name only. Make them stand before the Senate 24/7 continually speaking without a break. A few times of this and this will end that liberal practice!

Red Flag # 4: Look out for Arlen Specter. There will be a number of judgeships come open and even the distinct probability of a Supreme Court vacancy. The President will of course as is his constitutional resposibility appoint to fill these vacancies. Arlen Specter the Republican,(in name only), Senator just re-elected from Pennsylvania is the ranking Senator on the Senate Judiciary Commitee therefore unless opposed will be its next chairman. Specter has a history of opposing conservative judge appointments especially to the Supreme Court. He was key in the defeat of the Bork appointment during the Reagan years, one of the most qualified appointees in history. This chairmanship should be opposed and opposed decisivly !

The people have spoken and the President and the Senate and House majority have the mandate to act. The President has indicated in his press conference on November 3 that he is ready. I hope that the new Congress will be also. The opportunity for great strides is here and now is the time to as the President said on the 3rd, "spend the political capitol !"

Ken Taylor


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