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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What's All The Whining About ?

One week ago the American people made a clear and distinctive choice as to who they wish to lead this country over the next four years. In that choosing the people also clearly indicated by their vote that the Senate and the House be led by the President's agenda. Yet in spite of a 52% margin of victory, the largest vote total in history, the first time since 1936 that a sitting President has retained the Congress and increased the majority the left seems to think that the election was stolen, that their message was not heard and that the people simply do not understand the situation and only the liberals can save them. Well my friends from the liberal Democratic party listen and listen carefully. We the people are not mindless morons and we do know what we want and what we believe and we did hear your message and on November 2, 2004 we said NO to the liberal agenda and YES to the President! It is time for you to accept that your message has been rejected and it is time for you to cross the isle and ask the President, "what can I do to help." The division that is still present does not come from the conservative christian or the leaders of the Republican party but rather from the left who choose to blame, accuse, insult and lecture the country on how intellectually lacking that we are. In countless interviews this angry left has concluded that they simply have to figure out, "how to talk to the red states" and that they too are "godly" while in the same sentence condemning the religious, insult those whose moral values differ from theirs and accuse the "red states" of being backwards and socially unacceptable! This all in the name of evaluating the Democratic loss of the election. Hollywood then chimes in with Michael Moore calling for impeachment, Robert Redford moving to Australia and Barbara Striesand quoting Thomas Jefferson, (a Republican no less), stating that "the rule of the whitches,(politically speaking), will soon come to an end." It's no wonder that the liberal agenda and the Democrats were rejected. So wake up and smell the coffee stop you whining, accept the fact that the people did not choose you and move on so that together we can strive to win the War on Terror, continue the growth of the economy, reduce the tax burden, and make the greatest nation on the face of the earth, the hope for liberty throughout the world an even better land and leader to the world.

Ken Taylor


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