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Friday, July 23, 2004

Camelot II, The Sequel?

After a great deal of investigation and research we here at The Liberal Lie... have managed to find the production notes for the upcoming Democrat extraviganza, CamelotII, scheduled to make its debut in Boston, Mass. on July 25, 2004. The cast of characters is an unusual lot with a great many skeletons that none are willing to admit! So without further fanfare we present CamelotII, the prouction notes.


The King - John F Kerry; a rather dull and lifeless character who stirs the yawns from many an audience. He has searched for his kingly name such as JFK the second but found no comparison, Napolean the fifth, but thought that to obvious as to his true alliance so settled for Kerry the first the botox king!

The Queen - Hillary Rodham Clinton ; a former mouth piece for another King. Although King Kerry is married to the hieress of a ketchup baron whose condements are manufactured in foriegn lands, Hillary has stepped in as Queen to prepare to be King in 2008.

Prince Charming - John Edwards; from the southern most regions of the kingdom who formerly used his flowery form of speech to gain millions of undeserved Libras, (the currency of the kingdom), for Lord's and Ladies who rewarded him highly for his services. Speaks often of two kingdoms, that of the Lord's and Ladies and that of the serfs and servants. Not very popular in the Dukedom from which he hails.

Merlin the Magician - Tom Daschel; rather quiet of late, formerly very outspoken against the High King of all the land, against all of his policies. Magically changed from the left to the right as he seeks to retain his lordship of the South Dakota Dukedom.

Court Jester - suspected to be Robert Byrd; reason for the doubt as to who is playing this role, is the Jester's costume, a white pointed hood with long white robes to match. An aged and senial fellow who brings laughter with every ridiculous word he utters.

Town Crier - Ted (hic) Kennedy; believed to be the loudest mouth in the kingdom hence the job as town crier. Whenever a false word is needed call Teddy. Whenever a false accusation is claimed call Teddy. Once thought to be kingly material but the coverup over a late night carriage accident ended those aspirations. Now content to loud mouth and shame the memory of the true Camelot ruled by his late brother.

This auspicious group of chracters are seeking to replace the High King of all the land. They promise to take from the rich, the not so rich and even the poor through taxation for the "good of all." They wish to create a socialized kingdom dependent on the permission of the United Body of Nations and to bow at their altar for the defense of the Kingdom. King Kerry wants to face the Kingdom's enemies by the use of trials and courts rather than to defeat them where they dwell. CamelotII will be a kingdom of the rulers, by the rulers and for the rulers and the subjects of the land will be left wondering what happened to their freedoms!

Tickets for this production are available on any of the main stream liberal networks, (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC), and are free of charge, for now. Heaven help us all if this production ever becomes a success. Let us pray that the current High King of all the land continues for another four years to weild Excalibur for Liberty and Justice for all!

Ken Taylor


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