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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Deliberate Deception

Last week the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released an exhaustive report about prewar intel for Iraq. With the exception of Fox News and conservative talk radio the truth about this report has been kept from the public and distorted for political gain by the Democrats with the willing assistance of the, "main stream", media. To prove this point I must refer first to a little known memo written on November 5, 2003 by Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) of west Virginia who is the Assistant Chair for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence which has traditionally been very non-partisan, that is until Mr. Rockefeller came along. In this memo Rockefeller writes to his fellow Democrats concerning various ways to undermine the President and to use classified intelligence information for political gain and to give the view that the "preemptive" war was fabricated, (reference for the text and analysis of the memo). One of the suggestions as a tactic to serve Rockefeller's purpose was to force an intependent investigation about prewar intel and exploit it in any way necessary to achieve the above mentioned goal. This to coincide with a time of stategic choosing during this year, obviously to hurt the President during an election year.
Well as planned the commitee investigated and the report was released and of course the only thing about the report that is being exploited by Rockefeller, the Democrats and the liberal press is the "failure" of the CIA and the exageration of the weapons of mass destruction all brought on by arm twisting of the intelligence agencies by the Bush Administration. What the public is not being told is what makes the tactic by the left all the more damaging and dangerous.
First: The WMD's - the report states that the intel did over report the quantity of weapons but that weapons have been found. Twenty artillary shells, for example, with serin gas have been found with a killing potential of 500,000 (yes half-a-million) people. Just a side note to this, on June 10, 2004 the United Nations investigation team reported to the Security Coucil that several thousand tons of WMD components, missles and biological and chemical agents were shipped out of Iraq northward to Iran, Syria and Europe as the troops were invading from the south. This report has been sealed by the UN and no one is allowed to reveal its contents!
Second: The attempt by Iraq to purchase nuclear yellow cake a key component to nuclear weapons. Former ambassador Joe Wilson whose wife worked for the CIA went to Africa to investigate this claim because British intel seemed somewhat shaky about it. He returned and claimed that Iraq was not attempting any such purchase and that all of the intel was based on falsehoods. The claim was even made that the President lied in the State of the Union address when he made reference to this. The Senate report not only stated that the evidence about this purchase was true but that Wilson's investigation actually substantiated the British evidence and then some. It also stated that Wilson activly sought this appointment to undermine the Bush administration.
Three: The Al Qaeda connection - there has been much said recently that the President misled the American people concerning Iraq, its tie to terrorism and September 11. This report lays this to rest once and for all. The President never claimed that Iraq helped plan 9/11 but the there was a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq. The report states that since 1999 Saddam Hussein activily tried to offer Osama Bin Laden a safe haven in Iraq and a base of operations for the terror network. When Bin Laden chose Afganistan for this Hussein began financially supporting Al Qaeda and high level officials from Iraq met several times with Bin Laden's people. Hussein according to Russian intel was planning attacks against the United States and US interests around the world. These facts alone are more than enough justification for the war. Even without the second authorization from congress at the beginning of 2003 the authority to go to war was in place from October of 2001 when congress gave the President the authority to attack anyone who performed, planned, harboured or assisted those involved with 9/11.
For Jay Rockefeller and the democratic leadership to knowingly try to undermine this justifiable war effort for political gain and to try to regain power in Washington is treasonous! The definition of treason is the aiding of the enemy. If dispicable acts as these are not aiding our enemy, I can't think of what is! No President in a time of war has had to fight those who would seek to destroy our country AND the Washington political opposition. Osama Bin Rockefeller and his cronies are a disgrace to the hallowed and historic halls of congress where so many great Americans have walked. Wake up America and fight this liberal onslaught that seeks to destroy the very foundations of our country!

Ken Taylor


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