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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have listened to pundits, commentators and nearly everyone else who expresses some sort of knowledge as to why a failed President with the worst record in US history for an incumbent Chief Executive won an election that was Romney's for the taking. Some try to claim that the Republican Party has to remake itself into nothing more than a re-creation of the Democrat party, expanding government for giveaways, grant amnesty to illegals etc.

No amount of analyzing, second guessing or any other guess work can overcome one simple fact. 3 million who voted for John McCain in 2008 didn't bother to get off their lazy back sides and get out and vote in the most important election of their lifetime. An additional 1.5 million who were angry because their candidate, most associated with Ron Paul wasted their vote on Gary Johnson fully aware that he had no chance of winning and that their vote would actually help reelect Obama.

4.5 million votes in the Romney camp changes the election to a 51% Romney popular vote and an electoral win as it would have changed the entire dynamic in every swing state that Obama took. I understand and like many of you am frustrated and angry at what is obviously a great deal of voter fraud. No one can convince me that in 59 precincts in Philadelphia with over 19,000 votes not ONE vote was cast for Mitt Romney.

Voter fraud problems are part of every election where a Democrat machine that will stoop to any low to try and steal an election is in the mix. But this problem has been around for decades and Republicans have won regardless of voter fraud by the left. If 4.5 million either lazy voters or wasted votes for Johnson had been cast for Romney as they should have been the voter fraud would not have mattered and Romney would be building his transition team today.

The Romney get out the vote campaign especially on election day failed. Poll watchers were left without instructions and many polling places were left without a Republican poll watcher leaving many questions as to why this was allowed to fail as it did.

We cam blame leftists, voter fraud, strong arm tactics etc. until our face turns blue, but unless we can get our own people to actually vote we have no one to blame but ourselves for the loss. We all wonder how half the country can still back Obama but when such a large number of the rest who oppose Obama refused to get out and vote to keep him from reelection how can we complain and blame anything else.

If 4.5 million voters had come out or not wasted their vote for Johnson because of their blind loyalty to Ron Paul, we are looking at a 51% majority and 49% voting for Obama not HALF the country.   Now the left tries to claim that we are a center left country not center right. They are celebrating what they think is a victory for a progressive American which does not exist.

The conservative message is not at fault but the lazy response by conservatives in voting. The conservative icon who we look to at all times, Ronald Reagan, would have been angered by conservatives who refused to vote and allowed Obama to win. He would have scolded Ron Paul addicts who wasted their vote in an election that meant the salvation for our country.

Was Romney the perfect candidate? Absolutely not but he was a good candidate who offered America a direction that would lead to prosperity and freedom rather than the misery and government control offered by Obama.  Those that voted for Obama are getting what they deserved. The difference is that they chose the Obama disaster. The 4.5 million who refused to vote or wasted their vote are also getting what they deserve, but they knew what we faced and chose to sacrifice America for their own laziness and personal vendetta against those who did not back Ron Paul.  That is not only a travesty but a disgrace to the principles that made our country great.

Ken Taylor


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