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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Barack Obama has narrowly won a second term as President.  In a race that was tight down to the very wire, Obama took the critical state of Ohio in the late evening and soon after, enough Electoral votes that a narrow Electoral lead gave him a second term.  A term with no mandate, a Senate that remains about the same as before but a House of Representatives that has a greater Republican majority which Constitutionally will tie the hands of an Obama second term....providing Obama obeys the Constitution, the violating of which has been a regular practice during his first term.

Many will say that voters have spoken and now is the time to rally around the President and support him in his work.  Under normal reelection circumstances I would agree with that idea to a great degree but with Barack Obama I cannot. I cannot because I have experienced the results of four years of Obama policy and my love for my country and the future of our Nation and my children and grandchild DEMANDS that I stand firm and continue the fight for Constitutional principles and the vision of our Founding Fathers.

I cannot support any President whose policy insults my country and whose direction ideology for America takes us further away from a free Constitutional Republic and closer to a European style socialistic state that forces government dependency upon our people, destroys business and condemns success.  That is not America and as one who believes in the true America I cannot support anyone who seeks to create an America that is anything less than the Constitutional Republic of our Founders.

I am at a considerable loss as to how so many Americans voted to lose freedom rather than embrace liberty. I am at a loss to explain how so many listened to the lies, could care less about the fact that Obama allowed Americans to be murdered in Benghazi and are willing to accept an ideology that robs individual liberties and forces government on free citizens. I will never understand how a free people will choose government slavery and dependency to freedom.

This is why I will never support Obama and what he stands for. It has NOTHING to do with race, or creed but FREEDOM and individual liberty.  Obama has no respect for either and tramples our Constitution at every turn.  Some will call me a poor loser because of this. I could care less about being called that because my love for this great country is far more important than being called names for what I believe and what I know America truly is. So call me what you will but that will not change my will to fight for my beliefs, our Constitution and stopping someone who stands for neither.

I fear that four years from now I will not recognize America, at least the America I have known and the America that was passed on to me by past generations. Part of me thinks I have failed because that America, the true America will continue to fade as Obama takes her down the terrible path he has started and a path never intended by our Founders.  He no longer faces reelection and I fear he will be a loose cannon, armed and willing to destroy what is left of freedom.

Obamacare will prevail. Our enemies will continue to strengthen and our allies will lose any confidence in us that they may still have.  The debt will grow, deficits will abound and bankruptcy will follow as our economy dies at the hands of Obama. The unemployed have no hope for jobs because Obama's economy destroys them rather than create them. Taxes will rise as he will not sign any legislation extending the Bush tax rates now that he does not face reelection.

So those who put this man back in office, it is now on your backs for the decline of America. Those who see  a free ride from the government as a life style will never understand freedom and will condemn we who fight for it. You have your leader and he will bankrupt us to make sure he enslaves you to government. That is what we face in the next four years and we have you who voted for more of this to thank for it.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Jenni Leigh said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself!! They are my sentiments exactly! He is not my president and he doesn't represent the America that I love. The first time people elected him, I chalked it up to the "hope and change" he kept promising. But now that that people know what kind of monster this man is, they should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed to call them my countrymen. A true leader would not have partied while our men were getting slaughtered and then have the audacity to lie about it. A true leader would not stomp on something so precious as the Constitution, nor would he ever apologize to other countries for who we are. This man may be the 50% who voted him in, but he is not and will never be my president.

2:02 AM, November 07, 2012  
Blogger Jenni Leigh said...

Hope you don't mind, I shared this!!

2:34 AM, November 07, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So like I said, I would come back to rub it in. Here you are, completely wrong about the polls.

And here we are, with fivethirtyeight being scary correct.

Apparently, not liberal bias. Apparently just factual.

What are your methods for determining fact from truth? Would you care to revisit this problem? It's almost certain to improve your life.

3:44 PM, November 07, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is the best used car salesman in the world. He did the best sales pitch offering the cheapest broken down Communist Cadillac GM can sell. God is still on His throne and still in charge. I pray the day comes soon, very soon, that the prideful, Clintonista's, Putin's and the rest will bow down before our all powerful Lord and Savior as they beg for mercy from their sinful deed's. By, then, it will be to late. My poor children bought the lies as did others. This is what happened in Munich, Germany in the 1930's.

12:02 AM, November 09, 2012  
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