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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The child in The White House is whining about how unfair taxes are again. He has again proposed a, "new," tax plan which only rehashes the old tax plan that he has been whining about for three years.  Obama has this obsession about $250,000 dollars and considers anyone who makes more than this as, "rich," and as such it is his childish responsibility to steal their hard earned money, most of which are the small business owners who provide more than 25% of ALL American jobs.  But what does this whining baby care about jobs or hard working Americans because it's, "unfair," that they keep what they earn according to baby Obama.

The, "new," old plan is to once again eliminate the Bush era tax rates that have been in effect since 2001 for anyone making more than $250,000 dollars and extent the rates for those who make less. For the, "rich," this means a 30% tax hike for the rest he considers keeping rates that have been in place for eleven years as a, "tax cut."  HOW STUPID DOES HE THINK WE ARE. When a tax rate is already in effect and only extended it is NOT a tax cut but a continued rate which Americans are already paying.

Along with baby Obama's whining about how unfair the tax rates are he is claiming that with deficits and debt as high as they are we can no longer afford to give the, "rich," tax cuts. Of course there is NO MENTION whatsoever of cutting spending but a child who spends our money like a drunken sailor could care less about cutting spending only increasing it. Additionally eliminating the Bush era rates for everyone who makes over $250,000 dollars only raises $85 billion in additional revenue which is a pittance which would pay for ONLY eight days of current government spending.

Call it what he wants and and deny it as he does baby Obama is the class warfare king and he plays this disgusting card at every opportunity in order to anger his base at the, "evil," rich making claims that Americans who work hard everyday, fulfill their responsibilities to their families and whose strong work ethic, personal abilities and achievement are the true fulfillment of the American dream and the Constitutional principle defined by our Founders as freedom from government interfering with a citizens ability to prosper and evil a deserved to be financially punished.

This Founding principle of course disagrees with baby Obama's goal of forcing Americans into complete government dependency, the distribution of wealth and his plan that government dictate how we live as Americans.  This is why he plays class warfare. This is why he considers hard working Americans and especially small business owners enemies of the state because they work for themselves and their family providing jobs and refuse to bow to his overbearing government.

If Obama were to have his childish way and if he is reelected his vision of America would rewrite the Preamble of the Constitution to read as follow, "We the government of The United States in order to form a socialist Union, rob justice, insure domestic slavery, provide for the common dependency, promote a welfare state and eliminate the blessings of liberty for all posterity, do rewrite and destroy this Constitution of The United States of America." This is baby Obama's America.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The author of this piece is as idiotic as any American on this planet.. Look in the mirror to see the child. Facts are that conservatives whine so much about everything in this country that they really don't belong here. These people hate America and want to transform it into something it has never been

8:30 AM, August 26, 2012  
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