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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Newt Gingrich former Speaker of the House visited the Sean Hannity show on Fox News and made a dramatic comparison between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Newt's conclusion is that, "Reagan told the truth." The lies of Barack Obama are obvious and intentional in order to push his agenda.

Even Obama knows that if he tells the truth about his policy and the direction he is trying to take our Nation the people would rebel en mass. Oh, that's right we already are rebelling since we the people understand that Obama is taking our country in a Marxist direction never intended by our Founders. Obama lies one, because the truth is not in him and two, because he does not trust the people.

When President Reagan spoke his honesty came through in everything he said. He trusted the American people and understood that if he leveled with us we had the sense to understand and decide of our own accord whether his policy or his approach was right for our Nation. This is why Reagan was popular with Americans because he was honest with us, trusted us and we backed him because we trusted him and he earned that trust.

Barack Obama has and will never gain the trust of the people because he does nothing to earn it. He lies to deceive us in order to pass his agenda. But the people are seeing through the lies and taking a stand against his agenda and he still ignores us.

Reagan in his trust of the people never ignored the people but inspired and embraced who we are as Americans and the people responded to this mutual trust and honesty that Reagan had throughout his public career and especially his Presidency. Obama is the opposite and as a result the people are showing their disgust as his poll numbers slide lower everyday.

Americans expect honesty and trust from their President. Americans expect their President to inspire and express to us and the world the greatness of America and Americans. Reagan understood this and proudly showed his love of country and the people. Obama loves neither this country nor the people and will never be trusted nor admired and beloved as Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Necromancer said...

I read this site almost every day and also Mike's America and a few more besides. MY question is do you think we'll ever be able to right all the wrongs and illegal things that this pile of dung and the crooked congress have done the last year and a half?
I have other suggestions but none of them are legal. And I read all this crap sandwich every day and am riled.

2:54 PM, July 20, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I do beieve that we can right the wrongs done by Congress and Obama by returning to our Constitutional roots through electing true representatives of the people who will stand by our Constitution.

Representatives who understand our founding principles of limited government allowing a free people to engage in life as they see fit not hampered by government intrusion.

Reagan trusted the people as a President should and that is why he was admired, respected and succeeded as President in propsering our country because he shrank government giving money back to the people and the people brought the prosperity.

Obama seeks to enslave the people to an over burdensome government. It will amaze you when reading the Declaration of Independence just how many times you can replace the name of King George with that of Barack Obama and find that the abuses Jefferson wrote refering to George match the abuses at the hands of Obama.

Taking Congress in November will tie Obama's hands until he is either impeached from the mounting illegal activites that are being found almost daily or we remove his butt in 2012. November is the first step in restoring our Republic.

But the key is in the people. Complacency by the people is what brought about the ability of an imbicile like Obama to be elected. We cannot ever be complacent again and must hold the feet of every representative from the President to the Congress to the fire or they too will be removed. Returning to our Constituional roots will restore our Republic and we the people must fight until it is done and then be ever vigilant to keep us free.

4:19 PM, July 20, 2010  
Blogger Necromancer said...

Thank you for answering the question. I surely hope you are correct and the people learn and apply the fix to what has been wrought.
However I don't think it was complacency so much as it was the fact that so many people didn't bother to vote at all. After-all it was only a million or so votes. Most of the votes are from the large cities which are predominately democratic. Chicago,NY,Philadelphia,LA,Detroit and so on.And because these large cities have more people than the entire states the electorate swings in that direction.
When the Electoral College was originally thought up I don't believe that it was thought that the cities would be so densely populated.
Again thank you for taking the time to answer the question and keep up the good work that you and others do.
"Semper Fi"
Six years Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Forty years ago and no I didn't forget how.

5:28 PM, July 20, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Necro: It is possible to roll back Obamaism. We have to start by taking back both the House and Senate with large majorities then retake the White House in 2012.

And once that happens the Dems will start their big lie campaign and claim we are trying to starve kids and seniors and poison the air and water.

If we don't have a more effective plan for combatting their lies, it will be almost impossible to repair the damage Obama has done.

It's going to take a lot of work to get that job done and WE are the ones who are going to have to do it. We can't look to our conservative or GOP leaders to get the job done on their own.

Write letters to the editor, join a tea party or local GOP group, contribute to candidates, party organizations and independen groups.

And keep reading blogs like this!

1:00 AM, July 21, 2010  
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