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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sarah Palin is making her much anticipated book tour with the release of her equally anticipated book, "Going Rogue." Well before the book was published pre-sales alone placed it at the top of the best seller list and I am sure that it will remain there for some time now that the book has been released. I have not read it yet but plan to. It is on my Christmas list, but I may not wait until then to purchase it.

Governor Palin has granted numerous interviews in conjunction with the book tour and one of her stops was the EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh. The interview is above in three parts. I did not get to listen to the interview on the radio but did read the transcript and Rush asked some excellent and very policy related questions. Palin's answer were detailed and show her grasp of the issues and her common sense conservative values and ideas for solving what our Nation faces today. An excellent interview which shows just how good Sarah Palin is and debunks her critics that unjustifiably try to label her as unintelligent and out of touch.

Of course the left only attacks those they fear the most and Sarah Palin obviously strikes great fear because of her staunch conservatism and her true and sincere concern for our country as well as her ability to connect with the majority of everyday Americans.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that Ms Palin had been thrust too hurredly & too unprepared into the presidential race spotlight. But now, given enough time, she is proving herself. Much to the SocDem libs discomfort. GO SARAH 2012!

If the RINO Repubs (redundency) don't select her to run in 2012 (and I'm betting they won't), then let's all of us organize a MASSIVE write-in campaign.

Even if a Dem gets elected (again), it will show the RINO Repubs (again, redundency), by the reduced votes they'll receive, what we think of them.

And, to assuage fears, if all goes well in this 2010 mid-term election, the Kongress will be A LOT LESS liberal (Dems AND RINOs).

B Woodman

2:51 PM, November 18, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

Ken, I saw her interview on Hannity's show last night. She was awesome! She said the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood was just that and it should have and could have been prevented - that the only thing that kept it from being prevented was political incorrectness. She's right. It's politically incorrect to not acknowledge our enemies. It's also suicide. She also said the left's heads would be spinning because she said that, intimating the attacks on her from the left would only get worse. I think she's fine with that. Them screaming, lying and hollering about her will only help her in the long run.

Now back to my hiatus. Some "hiatus". I've got to go clean rugs! :(

If this comment publishes, I hope it doesn't publish twice. It wouldn't publish it the first time.

8:00 AM, November 19, 2009  
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