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Friday, November 06, 2009


13 American soldiers are dead. 30 are wounded with some still holding on with life threatening wounds. A Major whose name I will not mention but has a Jordanian lineage is recovering from wounds received from the heroic soldier, a woman, whose actions stopped this mad mans carnage. The brave Americans whose lives have been taken at Fort Hood, Texas died as much in defense of our Nation as any of their fellow soldiers on the battlefield and we remember and mourn their loss.

The killer has been described as a quiet and calm man whose religious belief are found in the, "peaceful," religion of Islam. His comments to fellow soldiers before his murder spree were of complaint with US policy in Afghanistan and his future deployment to that region in which he complained that he would have to fight against, "fellow Muslims." Was this the motive behind his actions ? It is not yet known. Could he have been a sleeper cell for terrorist activity in the US and yesterday by order from his handlers his cell was awakened like those who hijacked the planes on 9/11 ? This too is not yet known.

But once again the, "peaceful," religion of Islam is behind the murder of innocent people and the PC press says little about the possible religious motivation behind this heinous killing spree at Fort Hood. If this had been the killing of an abortion clinic doctor, not only would the religious affiliation of the murderer been headline news but his political affiliation also. Fox News to their credit discussed the killers Muslim ties as length. CNN mentioned it in passing and MSNBC never mentioned it at all.

The President mentioned the killings almost as an after thought AFTER he praised the organizers at a conference he was attending at a press conference after the meetings. He gave a , "shout out," to the organizers THEN and only then switched gears to speak of the tragedy at Fort Hood. Am I nitpicking here ? Absolutely. As President it is part of his responsibility when this type of tragedy strikes to console a Nation and when it strikes the military it is his responsibility as Commander in Chief to show order and calm and sympathy for his troops FIRST and not praise the organizers of meetings that fits in with his political agenda.

Now that I have that off my chest, the heroes whose lives were taken and those who remain in a hospital suffering from wounds received from the same Islamic radical who took the lives of their fellow soldiers are ALL brave Americans whose lives were cut short defending this country. Their sacrifice while not specifically on a battlefield once again brings to light the evil that we are fighting in defense of liberty against those who kill in the name of Allah.

God bless those who are still suffering from their wounds. God bless the families of the fallen and the wounded. And God bless the memories of those who were murdered in defense of freedom.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if / hope that the SGLI covers this & that the deceased soldiers families get SOME recompense.
Not that it will ease the pain of losing a beloved one, but the additional burden of having to scramble to pay the bills doesn't help.

B Woodman

12:44 PM, November 06, 2009  
Anonymous Moss said...

This was bound to happen sooner or later and comes as no surprise to anyone with any knowledge of Islam. Expect even worse to come, including spectacular acts of sabotage against military/industrial targets. See links under








at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

1:33 PM, November 06, 2009  
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