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Friday, November 13, 2009


(UPDATE: I changed the title of this post because one of the women who was murdered was pregnant. Her baby was a person too! The MSM has apparently forgotten about that as they're only counting 13 people as having been killed.)

Please read this article from National Public Radio (NPR): Walter Reed Officials Asked: Was Hasan Psychotic? The information in it is astounding and disgusting!

It's now evident that many people at Walter Reed knew there was something very wrong with Nidal Hasan and that by not objecting to his transfer to Fort Hood they passed the buck. I don't care what rank he wore, I refuse to call him "Major".

Here's a condensed version of the four reasons that he was transferred to Fort Hood:

1. The process at Walter Reed for expelling doctors is "lengthy and cumbersom." Hello? So is the grieving process people must suffer when a loved one is murdered!

2. This one is political correctness gone berserk: Some supervisors worried they might be "discriminating against Hasan because of his seemingly extremist beliefs."

3. Walter Reed officials that were involved in the deliberations were "not aware, as some top Walter Reed officials were, that intelligence analysts had been tracking Hasan's e-mails with at least one suspected Islamic extremist since December 2008."

4. This reason, at least in my mind, is the poorest of all: Because Fort Hood has more psychiatrists than some other Army bases, officials figured he'd be monitored more closely there.

Bottom line... Walter Reed officials didn't want to deal with it. They were afraid of being accused of discrimination. Just pass him off to Fort Hood and let them deal with this jackass - we don't have time for it! And what makes it even more apparent that they were passing the buck is the article says that his work was substandard at Walter Reed. What on earth gave them the idea Ft. Hood would want him?

I know I'm beating this one to death, but I can't seem to let it go. I want people who let this miserable cretin slip through their fingers to pay some sort of price for it! Thirteen people are dead and many others wounded because of the idiotic reasons listed above? Dear God, what is happening to us?

And to top it all off, we have Obama, the Commander in Chief and his left-wing cronies refusing to Call Ft. Hood Massacre an Act of Terror! It makes me want to puke!

"Commander in Chief" and "Obama" in the same sentence sounds like a very bad joke. This was terrorism and it could have been prevented... it should have been prevented!

RaDena Blasting Caps And Dynamite


Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thank you RaDena for mentioning the baby. It was aperson murdered by this terrorist as much as any of the other innocents who were killed in the name of Islam.

8:09 AM, November 13, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

Spitfire presented an interesting theory in my comment section, Ken. It's a possibility that if they don't prosecute that scumbag to the fullest extent of the law for those murders of 13 adults by giving him the death penalty, then Texas may come in and prosecute him on the 14th count... the baby! One way or the other, he lost the privilege to be walking around on this planet.

10:40 AM, November 13, 2009  
Blogger nanc said...

They need to come up with a new word that makes "appalled" look appetizing - this guy is scum of the earth and I'll spend my days digging dirt on him and reporting it where I find it!

sidenote:Here's a graphic you may wish to use in the future. Of course, it DOES have a pottymouth word in it!

10:47 AM, November 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hereby tender my acceptance to be a volunteer executioner to end this asshole's life after he's been found guilty.

Pull a trigger, throw an electrical switch, push a syringe plunger, whatever.

Whatever it is, I'll be sure to add some pork to the method. (Sniff, sniff, is that BACON I smell sizzling?)

B Woodman

4:14 PM, November 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q- All this happened on Federal territory. So how can Texas go after Maj Ass-han for the murder of the baby?

B Woodman

4:16 PM, November 13, 2009  
Blogger Hannityinaskirt said...

Political correctness kills, doesn't it? What's sad is this just as easily can happen again. Look at the coverage by the majority of the media attacking people as bigots for mentioning Hasan was a Muslim. If we have our soldiers bullied into ignoring Muslims that have a fondness for radical islam by the Mainstream Media, then what's to say this couldn't happen again? We should encourage members of our military to speak out against Islamic extremism but sadly, our Media is doing just the opposite. Don't be surprised if there is another Fort Hood tragedy.....

2:24 AM, November 14, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

Anonymous, if they can try him in a civilian court in New York, then Texas can also try him in a civilian court... that's how!

10:19 AM, November 14, 2009  
Anonymous Seth said...

As long as liberal Congress enforced and MSM-observed political correctness continues to reign and anyone who speaks the truth is a "racist", Hassans will no doubt become more and more common.

I suppose this means that from now on, our soldiers will have to watch their backs against fellow soldiers on a U.S. base because the powers that be are so readily willing to gamble with their lives in order to follow the suicidal policies of a bunch of leftists.

RaDena -- on another note, you'll rarely if ever see the liberal media refer to the baby of a dead pregnant woman as a casualty, just as they didn't pursue the Peterson dirtbag over the baby's death when he murdered his wife.

It's pure liberal politics, which foster little regard for human life, because to label an unborn child a casualty is admitting that he or she was a living person, and that admission could cut in on their abortion agendas.

Ain't they nice folks!

2:36 PM, November 14, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

Thank you, Seth. And on the liberal politics issue, with nice folks lie that, I'd sure hate to meet any mean ones!!

8:26 AM, November 16, 2009  
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