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Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm positive you've heard about the possibility of the Democrats using the "nuclear option" if necessary in order to push health care off on us. Using that option means they would only need 51 votes instead of sixty. It would also mean political suicide for the Dems, so I don't know whether they're desperate enough to use it or not. I hope they stick to their true character and put their own personal greed above their party's agenda!

In 2003 Republicans used the nuclear option to pass tax cuts, hardly a move that they would feel threatened by since most Americans with a brain approve tax cuts, but this bill does not have the approval of the majority of the American people. So the question is this: Will Dems commit political suicide for Obama? And another question... Will any RINO's join them? (RINO's are "Republicans in Name Only" for anyone out there who reads this and may not know.)

Who knows? Personally, I'm afraid for my children. They plan to force health insurance off on anyone who doesn't want it or can't afford it. If this crapola bill passes, they've said they will fine those who aren't covered by insurance. In other words, those who don't buy health insurance will be fined. If they are unable to purchase health insurance I wonder how they can be expected to pay fines? If they can't pay the fine will they be thrown in jail? Will your adult children be fined or thrown in jail for not purchasing government health care either because they can't afford it or don't want it? Will you still consider America a free country? I certainly won't!

Are you concerned about the future of your children? There's a new movement called, "Moms Against ObamaCare". It was founded but women but is bi-partisan and open to both women and men. Please visit the link and help stop this idiocy!

I think it's going to be a bit much for the far left Dems to say that Moms fighting against ObamaCare are bigoted right wing radical nut jobs, but I'm sure they'll say so anyway.

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Blogger brain said...

Here's the funny top Glenn Beck finalist political satire spoof video making fun of Obamacare, and the progressive view of their "New America:" New America Video by NarfBiscuits

2:28 AM, November 09, 2009  

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