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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I waited to post on this although the above video has been located at the top of this site for a few days. The Senate has been in recess since last Thursday and reconvenes today, (Tuesday). Since returning from the August recess Senators have been meeting in Committee to try and hammer out a Senate version of some sort of health care bill, which like its House counter part is likely to fall to failure because of the massive unpopularity of any health care bill that is being forced by liberals and Obama.

So the Senate has hammered out at least two versions of health care the Baucus bill which leaves out the government option and pushes co-ops as well as fines and possible prison terms for anyone who does not purchase health care approved by the government. Other senate bills mirror HR 3200 the House bill that pushes the government option and was the catalyst for the massive opposition to Obamacare.

Democrat Senators obviously do not want the back lash that came from the revelation of the details of HR 3200 on the web so the Senate bills that are still in Committee are NOT going to be posted on the web or anywhere else. Now hiding bills from the public is not extremely unusual for the Senate but their REASON for this non-disclosure is not only an insult to the American people but proves that especially Democrats do not want nor care about the voice of the people and believe that they and they alone in their elitist way know what is best for Americans.

Senate Republicans in Committee introduced an amendment that would place the entire Senate bill on the web at least 72 hours before any vote in order to allow the American people to read and voice their thoughts about the bill. Senate Democrats voted down the amendment claiming that the bill was VERY COMPLICATED for the American people to understand so it was best that we are not allowed to read it.

So in other words Senate Democrats think that we the people are TO STUPID to understand a bill that they themselves will NEVER read. While this arrogant reason is what Democrats are claiming as the reason for not posting it on the web, I believe that their true reason is actually two fold. First their elitist arrogance DOES believe that we are to stupid to understand the bill. Second, they saw the reaction to HR 3200 and in their arrogant hypocrisy believe that by NOT posting the bill for Americans to read will allow them to push it through without the people making their voice known.

Well I have news for these moronic elitists who think that they know better than we what is best for we the people. We are on to your arrogant ways and whether you post the bill or not we fully understand what you are trying to do in attempting to force health care controlled by the government down our throats and trying to hide your socialist health care take over will not change the opposition by the majority of the people and in this free land the people, the true and Constitutional authority over the government, will prevail over elitist arrogant politicians.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom said...

From one of my earlier posts on this very topic:

While on the way to the doctor this morning, I was listening to WJR, a news radio station, when Paul W. Smith was interviewing Michigan Representative John Dingle. The question was asked of Representative Dingle why there was so much opposition to HR3200 and why it was so hard to understand. He stated that, “it takes a lawyer to read” the legislation to understand it, that the bill refers to itself & other legislation in different places, and this is what makes it hard for the average person to understand.

It's not that Americans are too stupid to read & understand legislation, it's that our Congress-critters are too arrogant to write legislation that can be understood! The problem is that We the People have let them get away with this c**p for years.

3:14 AM, September 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go. It should be an automatic disqualifier for a lawyer to run for Congress.

B Woodman

10:55 AM, September 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed a link here titled "SENATE DEMOCRATS THINK YOUR AN IDIOT"

Well done. I suppose most of your readers wouldn't spot the mistake anyway.

11:53 AM, September 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good-Bye Democratic Senator's and I will vote against anyone that is a Lawyer. That is the problem with our elected officials today, too many are lawyer's and have their own agenda planned for the people. We the People have spoken and politicians don't want to listen, so we will get rid of the politicians.

11:53 AM, September 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, in an article where you are outraged at being treated as incompetent in the area of legal level reading comprehension, I'm shocked you couldn't be bothered to check your grammar a little more carefully.

Did you correctly use the word "too" even once? As pointed out by another, your link to this page said "YOUR AN IDIOT." I'll grant that even I've posted a grammar or spelling typo here or there, but you could stand to be more cautious when writing a piece about elitism, intelligence, and reading comprehension!

While I agree that more transparency regarding upcoming legislature is needed, it is extremely difficult to sympathize with those who sling anti-intellectualism around like so much feces, then complain about being treated like children.

Prove yourself a conscientious reader, who will determine for him or herself what something means, rather than relying on interpretations fed to you (by either party). Arm yourself with dignity and intelligence (rather than superficial outrage, which any pissant can drum up). And above all else, proofread lest you be judged a complete fool!

12:47 PM, September 29, 2009  
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