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Thursday, April 02, 2009


There is only one additional form of government assistance that GITMO detainees should receive. They already have three hots and a cot. The only further assistance needed is a noose!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - ORLANDO, Fla. — A 911 dispatcher had to tell a caller how to unlock her car on Sunday. A woman called Kissimmee, Fla., police to say she was locked inside her car at a suburban drug store. “My car will not start. I’m locked inside my car,” the unidentified woman said.

“Nothing electrical works. And it’s getting very hot in here, and I’m not feeling well.” The dispatcher asked the woman if she was able to manually pull the lock up on the door. The woman said she would try, and then, she said, “Yes, I got the door open.”

I wonder if she had ONSTAR ? They say that most jokes find a basis in fact. Here's the proof ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Congress has pointed their self righteous finger every direction in blaming anyone for our current economic woes. That is everyone but the true culprit......themselves!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - SAN DIEGO — The University of California, San Diego says it accidentally sent an e-mail invitation to every student who applied for the school’s incoming freshman class — including the 29,000 who had been rejected.

UCSD Admissions Director Mae Brown said Tuesday that the message sent Monday was supposed to be sent to about 18,000 accepted students, not all 47,000 applicants. The invitation was for a day on campus.

She says she later sent a mass e-mail apologizing for the confusion. Brown says the mailing was sent to rejected applicants because of a technical error. She says no one has been disciplined for the error.

Government education at its finest ! Your tax dollars at work . - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The most corrupt and inept business in existence is government. Now government wants to control and tell private business how to be successful ? Socialism at work!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - NEW YORK — Now you can trade your two Ponzis for a Madoff . The Topps Co. Inc. says jailed Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff will be featured this summer in a set of trading cards dubbed the "world's biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and bamboozles." The New York-based marketer of entertainment products says the cards show scoundrels and villains such as Enron, D.B. Cooper and Charles Ponzi.

Ponzi was a notorious swindler who ran what is now known as a Ponzi scheme — the kind Madoff pulled off for years until authorities busted him. Madoff pleaded guilty this month to 11 felony counts, including securities fraud and perjury. His scam cost investors billions of dollars.

This ranks right up there with the Topps trading cards that featured serial killers. Stick to sports cards guys and quit with the making celebrities out of killers and swindlers. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Obama can't even run his own house. Everyone he hires is a tax evader and chaos rules the day. Now he thinks he can run GM. The arrogance of a socialist elitist, that is Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor


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