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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It constantly amazes me how much of the wisdom and leadership of President Reagan applies so directly to the situation we face today under Barack Obama.

When elected to office Reagan faced similar problems that were left behind by Jimmy Carter and faced them with strength and a moral clarity that we have not seen since.

His lessons on government and patriotism are as strong and appropriate today as they were more than 20 years ago. His message is as inspiring and true today as it was then. And the lessons that he gave if applied would work as powerfully today as they did then.

Barack Obama would do well to listen to the wisdom of Ronald Reagan. But then he would have to set aside his goal of government control, one world order and his American socialism agenda to do so.

Looking out for the good of the country and the people rather than the arrogance and popularity of Barack Obama. Abandoning his unconstitutional agenda and following the strong and true principles of our Founders as Reagan did is a feat that even Obama's TelePrompter could not coax him into doing.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

As Obama's policies continue to drive America into the ground his popularity will also go down the tube. That smile and his BS can only carry him so far. It's amazing how far it has managed to carry him, but it won't last forever. BS is BS, and sooner or later even morons will recognize it for what it is... I hope!

10:17 AM, April 09, 2009  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I have a favorite photo I took of President Reagan in 1984 in Perrysburg, Ohio during the last of the whistlestop train tours that were so popular in the earlier 20th Century:

The speech he delivered (there's a link on the above) could be read with perfect application with only one change: take out the name "Mondale" and put in "Obama."

There's nothing new about Obama but style. The ideas he pushes have been proven a failure by history time and time again.

Yet Dems keep trying.

And like another link to Reagan, Obama will go down as another Jimmy Carter.

1:10 PM, April 12, 2009  
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