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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Democrat nominee Barack Obama delivered yet another address on energy. This time he is in favor of tapping the strategic oil reserve and maybe, just maybe looking at the possibility of thinking about considering to review some thoughts about off shore drilling.

His energy plan still consists mainly of alternatives that are YEARS in the future if the research were to begin today. He and other Democrats refuse to accept that though oil prices have been sky rocketing the problem is NOT a shortage of oil but the perception by the oil futures market that there MAY be a shortage if additional supplies are not found to meet an ever expanding demand.

Does Obama and the entire Democrat leadership think that the President, who has the authority to release oil from the strategic reserve, would if it was possible to curb the market for the long term rather than just a temporary drop that may last a week or possibly two release millions of barrels to ease the pain at the pump?

The strategic oil reserve is for emergencies during an OIL SHORTAGE. A situation that we are not facing. The last time it was tapped was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina because of the devastation which caused a shut down in a large percentage of our oil production and refining capacity. A true emergency.

What Obama does refuses to acknowledge is that even the act of passing legislation that will allow off shore drilling or drilling in other sights in the United States including ANWR will decrease the price of a barrel of oil as the speculators who control the futures market which has been responsible for the massive rise in the price, will see that the worlds largest oil user is finally making moves to contribute to the supply rather than just consume the supply.

Just the simple act of President Bush lifting the Executive Order against off shore drilling that was imposed by Jimmy Carter in the seventies had an immediate reaction by the market of nearly eight dollars a barrel in the days that followed the announcement.

The recent larger drop in the price is due to the fact that demand has dropped and as a result the price has dropped. If the speculators also see that there is reason to believe that even years from now that there will be additional supply because The United States is getting back into the drilling business, the futures reaction will be even more dramatic driving down the price of oil even more.

Mother Nature wannabe Nancy Pelosi and her claims of wanting to, "save the Planet," as being the reason for her stand against any drilling is also a major blow of liberal hot air. The technology for drilling has advanced so much to the point that drilling for oil is not only environmentally safe but it is also proving to actually increase certain animal populations as the heat from the oil platforms and especially the Alaska Pipeline actually encourages breeding.

Drilling in the Ocean is also a safe environmental achievement. Using Hurricane Katrina as an example again, hundreds of drilling platforms were in the path of this massive storm. Several platforms were damaged some beyond repair yet not ONE DROP of oil was spilled in the Gulf of Mexico as a result.

Pelosi also condemns oil companies for not using leased lands that are available for drilling right now. Even threatening to take back the leases of this government land. Of course Mother Nature neglects to mention that the reason that oil companies have not drilled on these leased lands is because in their exploration of the lands they have found that there are NO OIL DEPOSITS beneath this government land.

I will readily admit that drilling alone will not solve the energy problem. It must be combined with alternatives like hybrids, wind and especially nuclear energy which is not only clean but unlimited. But once again the only way we are going to decrease our dependency on foreign oil is to drill from our own massive resources. Resources that have deposits exceeding those of the Middle East, Venezuela and Brazil combined.

Resources that can be available in as soon as two years according to most experts and not just the ten or more claimed by Democrats. But again just the fact that we are willing to drill will drive the price down because speculators will see that the future of oil availability is brighter as more supply will be available to meet the demand.

Republicans are demanding that Mother Nature return to the House of Representatives to debate and pass legislation to bring energy relief to the American people. But she is to busy protecting the planet to even allow a vote on legislation that covers the gambit from alternatives to drilling. And Republicans are still in Washington waiting for her to do her duty for the American people. Good for the GOP for taking a stand!

While there are many issues that face this Nation for the 2008 election, oil and the effect it is having on our economy and on the pocket books of every American will be the defining issue for this campaign. Barack Obama and most Democrats including Mother Nature Pelosi and Harry , "we don't care ," Reid are on the wrong side of this issue as polls show that more than seventy percent of Americans favor drilling now! As such November may very well be a big surprise for Democrats as Black Gold bankrupts their political fortunes.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Oh Ken, I think you know better than most of what you wrote here.

Bush's announcement about lifting the executive order had no effect - that is just ridiculous. The reason oil prices are dropping so fast is because the markets were overbought. Without taking any action, oil will fall to about $100-$110 barrel.

The speculators have gotten way ahead of themselves and the problem isn't that they think there is a shortage, it is that there is too much money chasing the only money-making market opportunity. The unregulated nature of the commodities market has been the problem. That is why the major airline CEOs asked that the markets be regulated. That is also why the U.S. and central banks across the world are looking into how best to do that.

Drilling domestically is a red herring for today's gas prices. For two simple reasons. First, the oil companies have access to plenty of federal lands and off-shore locations, but they are not drilling. They don't have the desire or the capacity to drill more - and as you point out there is plenty of oil in the market. Second, even if they started new drilling operations it would take years for that oil to come online.

Obama has a pragmatic approach. He is going to push alternatives. If a deal has to be cut to allow some more areas to go to the oil companies that is fine, because he will get the Republican support he needs to push for alternatives. It is a reasoned approach, based on compromise for the American people. Besides, he isn't really giving anything away. There won't be any actual new drilling because the oil companies won't do it (they are not doing it now).

12:58 PM, August 05, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Oh yeah, one other thing. Tapping the petroleum reserve would do 2 things. If history holds true, it would actually lower the price of oil and the price of domestic gas. The economy would improve and then the oil could be replaced at a cheaper rate.

I don't see the logic of not looking at opening up the reserve. To dismiss it out of hand makes little sense.

1:06 PM, August 05, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Rob, Republicans will be pushing alternatives too, but there's no reason not to do offshore drilling and drilling at ANWR. We need to use all of our options now. It isn't very smart of the Dems to be playing politics with this issue and the most recent polls are proving that the majority of Americans aren't pleased.

Great post, Ken. This is off topic, but thanks for trying to help with my Firefox problem. I did get it fixed and posted an update. Thanks again! :)

2:23 PM, August 05, 2008  
Blogger Rob said...

Drilling is a non-issue. It will be used as a negotiating chip by the Dems to end the tax breaks currently enjoyed by the oil companies.

Then, the new revenues will be slotted to pay for funding tax breaks and basic research on alternatives.

It is a perfectly reasonable plan. And, there won't actually be any new drilling anyway - for the reasons I stated above.

The end result will be that Obama and the Dems get the energy plan that will be best to ending the stranglehold on energy that Big Oil has - and it will move us toward alternatives at a much faster pace.

4:47 PM, August 05, 2008  
Blogger Mike's America said...

"I don't see the logic of not looking at opening up the reserve. "

70 million barrels total is supposed to make a difference but tapping 59 billion barrels offshore and 30 billion in Alaska is not?

Something is wrong with Rob's logic!

Yeah Rob... when you are out buying your tire gauge do me a favor and pick up a calculator. See how many times 70 million goes into 89 billion.

12:27 PM, August 07, 2008  
Blogger Hamilton said...

An increase in refined oil prices is based on prediction of future market levels. When President Bush rescinded the executive order banning off shore drilling and it became obvious that the American people will demand bone head congress do the same, the price started falling. It’s really quite simple and the only reason the radical left is protesting at all is to placate the fringe kooks over at Movebong and the Daily Kost. Of course it’s going to take more than just drilling, we will have to build refineries and drastically increase shipping and storage capacity. Wow, just think of all those high paying jobs that will benefit and continue to grow the middle class.
There is no alternative to oil in the world. Not that average people can afford; The Messiah and Mother Pelosi don’t have to pay for their own gas; what do they care?

9:40 PM, August 09, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oil has gone up $15 a barrel since Nobama took office,and 63 cents at the pump. His ourtright refusal to drill for oil is part of the reason. His contempt ( and his left wing foolhardy green types) for this earths fossil feuls and outright rejection of the idea of enablingthe american people to be seelf sufficient, simply adds one more piece of the total incompetence puzzle to his resume. The global temperatures have been falling, chinese and others are drilling off our shores and we continue to ignore our resources and pay ridiculous prices for a commodity we have plenty of, to folks that fund terrorists. Furthermore, His smart grid plan is as empty as his words ( pretty common now to expect lip service from TOTUS-while his actions run opposite of the lies he tells), and his increased energy tax burden on the American family is american family is notyhing short of stupid. Wake up people. He is single handedly destroying this country in short order and his actions will cripple us long into the future.

12:49 PM, March 27, 2009  

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