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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


She is tied or slightly behind in Iowa. In New Hampshire she is only up by a few. South Carolina has her in the lead by only five points and nationally she has dropped from more than a twenty point lead to just ten points.

Hillary Clinton's drop in the polls as we get closer to the actual primaries in not only dramatic but could very well be an indication that the Democrat nomination is not as cut and dried as analysts, the Clinton campaign and Hillary fans have claimed since she announced her intentions to run for President soon after the 2006 election.

Three factors seem to be contributing to her sharp decline with voters.

1. Barak Obama is making strong gains in all of the early primary states and nationally as well. Whether this is due to Democrats somewhat embracing the untried Senator from Illinois or because media Mogul Oprah Winfrey has not only endorsed him but is traveling with his campaign and her presence alone is drawing huge crowds.

In fact her popularity and the minions who follow Oprah may very well be why Obama is rising so swiftly. After all many of her fans think, "if Oprah says he's OK, then he is OK by me." Her influence is that strong. So it may not be the Obama message as much as the Oprah stardom!

2. Democrats are beginning to understand that Hillary is not who and what she says she is. Her blunders concerning the New York move to license illegal aliens and others similar fowl ups by the candidate herself hurt her with voters. This combined with her flip flop in Iraq and other important issues to liberals have caused many on the left to stear away from the Hildabeast.

She has proven over and over again she will say what is most popular in the polls at the time and even liberals that may be slow to catch on, can see the inconsistency on the issues and have drifted away from the New York Senator.

3. The Bubba factor. During the 2000 election Al Gore chose NOT to have Bill Clinton campaign for him. Part was due to a falling out between President and Vice President but much of it was because Bubba has proven to be campaign poison.

In nearly every campaign where he has gone on the stump for a candidate that candidate either lost or lost BIG! Now that Hillary is in trouble she has leaned on Bill to campaign for her in all of the first primary states and has been running several campaign adds with Bubba as the star.

Adding to that the fact that when Bill speaks in public it is all about him. Even when campaigning for his , "wife, " Bubba talks far more about himself than the other Clinton who is actually running!

All of this has combined to bring the Hildabeast close enough to the Democrat competition that even her own campaign is concerned especially in Iowa. She has lost enough momentum in the Hawkeye state that most believe that Obama will come out as the winner next month.

Of course there is still a good deal of time and opportunities for Obama and Hillary both to make campaign blunders that will shake up the Dems even more, but if this trend continues the crown that was placed on the Hildabeasts head as the absolute nominee may very well become a dime store crown worth nothing but a seat in the crowd as Barak Obama is named the Democrat nominee at the Convention in August of next year.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Obob said...

I think I would love to see her jealous and hateful face in the crowd is Obama would get the nod. But we know who is waiting in the wings to take control, Joe Biden!

9:53 PM, December 11, 2007  
Blogger Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I have held for 10 years that Hillary is unelectable. I don't think I ever really considered her not getting the nomination, but I haven't feared her in the general election.

It is still good to see her taken down a couple of notches. I think a Huckabee or Romney nomination would slaughter an Obama one.

9:40 AM, December 12, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

Hillary is shinking in the polls, and may not win Iowa. And I Love it.

Let's just hope this keeps up :-)

3:41 PM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I wonder if the GOP is better facing off against Hillary than against Obama.

7:07 PM, December 15, 2007  
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