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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The governments of Iraq and Syria have signed an agreement restoring diplomatic ties after twenty four years of broken relations between the two countries. Many see this as a breakthrough and a possibility of quelling the violence that has been troubling Iraq and especially the entrance of fighters from the two neighboring countries of Iran and Syria. From a strictly diplomatic stand point this on the surface looks like the major breakthrough that Iraq has been seeking as they work to build a Democracy and allow their citizens the protection and security that any country would want yet has evaded Iraq because of terrorism and sectarian violence. The problem as is well known stems from the participation of both Iran and Syria in supplying arms and personnel to continue the fight against a free Iraq. So again on the surface this looks to be a breakthrough in ending the insurgency and insuring a free Iraq. Beneath the surface there are several questions concerning the true intentions of Syria and Iran. I mention both together even though the agreement was with Syria since it is also well known that the two countries work in conjunction with each other so this agreement was not without the consent of Iran.

Question number one - is Syria serious about becoming a partner in a Democratized Iraq ? Democracy is a far cry from what the Syrian government offers to their own citizens and they have also shown that it is a form of government that they do not desire in the region. Evidence this by their continued involvement in Lebanon. Inspite of an elected government in the country Syria has undermined through Hezbollah the overtures for Democracy in Lebanon and caused the current government to collapse. Why would one think that they have different intentions and design for Iraq ?

Question number two - as a new partner will Syria stop the flow of 50-75 new insurgency fighters that enter Iraq each day seeking to destroy the fledgling Democracy ? Syria and Iran despite the fact that the entire world knows that they are behind much of the violence that is taking place in Iraq and calls by The United States and other countries for their involvement to end continue to pour fighters, weapons and financing into the insurgency. If Syria is serious about becoming a partner in the new and Democratized Iraq then they must show a willingness by stopping the flow of insurgency from their borders.

Question number three - is Syria sincere or is this another ploy by Syria with the backing of Iran to deceive Iraq into a false sense of security with her neighbors to give them opportunity to make a move in over throwing the Democracy of Iraq ? Both countries have a history of using diplomatic means as a ploy of deception to allow time to develop weaponry, military strategy or just to bring a false sense of security in order to allow Iran and Syria to make a move against those with whom they are sending diplomatic signals. Iran is using a similar strategy in the current nuclear situation in order to continue unabatedly to develop their nuclear program. Why would either country who have been proven untrustworthy in the past change their stripes now to create a diplomatic and peaceful relation with a Democratized Iraq ?

Question number four - is Iraq and the coalition so tired of the situation in Iraq that they are willing to accept this agreement with Syria at face value and not with a great deal of apprehensiveness and caution ? To be quelled into a false sense of security with Syria and Iran especially with the deceptive history of both countries would spell disaster for Iraq and all possibilities for the full establishment of the Democratized government and stability in the country.

Iran and Syria have proven that they are countries that cannot be trusted. Signing a diplomatic agreement to restore relations with Syria is a good step but this new found, "partnership, " should be watched as a soldier would watch as he tries to sleep on a battlefield, with one eye open and weapon at the ready and his buddy standing guard.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous mudkitty said...

Just watch your Bushies kiss up to Syria...just watch. They're the only thing that's stand's between Bushie and a "greater Iran" where Iran is virtually in controll of much of the territory they fought over during the Iran/Iraq War, when Reagan was a big supporter of Saddam.

The Bushies have so screwed up, that only Syria can save them now. Just watch. And then you can say, you heard it here first.

11:12 AM, November 21, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This is between the Iraq government and Syrian/Iran. Contrary to your assumption, Bush does not dictate to Iraq what they do as a government. If that were the case I don't think diplomatic ties would have been restored. Iran's Prez is meeting with Iraq's PM this weekend to discuss similar accords with Iran. I don't trust their true motives based on their past. Even today Syrian backed Hezbollah members assasinated an elected cabinet minister in Lebanon further disrupting the elected government there. I believe this is the same type of design they have in mind for Iraq. Bush does not control the situation within any of the governments so you assurtion otherwise is way off course.

11:22 AM, November 21, 2006  
Blogger Indigo Red said...

Iran is the sponsor of Sadr and his Medhi Army in Iraq. Sadr is the power group holding the Maliki government in place. Iran is the sponsor of Hizb'allah in Lebanon. Hizb'allah is the power group that is demanding more power in the Lebanese government. Syria is the conduit for money, arms, and personell from the Arab world to Iraq and Lebanon.

Iran cannot be trusted in Iraq. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard are fighting the Coalition Forces as well as provideing arms and training. Iran is also manufacturing the more sophisticated IEDs.

Syria had been worried that Western sights had been set upon Damascus. Assad needed a big bad friend. Syria found one in Iran with their nuclear program so far along no one is going to stop them.

Between Thursday and next Sunday, the Lebanese government will probably have been overthrown in a coup by Hizb'allah.

Israel, with Syria and Iran sponsored Hizb'allah on their northern and eastern borders, and Palestinian, al-Qaida terrorists in Gaza, will be at war by summer. If the situation continues as it is, by the fall of next year, Israel may no longer exist.

11:32 PM, November 21, 2006  
Anonymous Seth said...

I'm wondering if perhaps our own election results have something to do with the timing.

Iran and Syria could interpret the election of a Democrat majority to mean that we'll be pulling out of Iraq by the middle of next year, or at least drastically reducing our troop strength over there (not all that farfetched a conclusion), and may simply be getting their ducks in a row.

12:27 AM, November 22, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Red - no kiddin. That's why it was a bad idea to invade in the first place.

Greater Iran, here we come! Thank you Bushies!

10:14 AM, November 22, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

"Bush does not dictate to Iraq what they do as a government."

That's why, instead of holding announced, planned diplomatic meetings, he or a member of his cabinet drops in unannounced like schoolmarms giving a pop quiz. Would we do that in China, or Russia? No, but we can in Iraq...'cuz they are under our occupation. So yes, we've got plenty of say in their diplomatic decisions.

I hope this move by Syria is for the best, but I trust them as far as I can throw them. They want a hand in lining up the power structure there, that's all.

2:40 PM, November 25, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

What Iraqi government? Which Iraqi government?

4:10 PM, November 26, 2006  
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