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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Now that the election is over and the Democrats have gained the majority in the House and Senate they are starting to show their true colors concerning Iraq. During the campaign and the few days after the election Democrat candidates and leaders portrayed a picture of working with the President to find a solution to Iraq while backing off earlier calls by most Democrats for an immediate withdrawl and redeployment to places like Okinawa. As the election fallout started in the days immediatly following November 7th Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid met with the President claiming bipartisan cooperation with the administration on Iraq policy and again stating that the Demcorats did not favor an immediate withdrawl and would work in conjunction with Bush to secure the country and support the Iraqi government until they could support themselves. Now we are a full week away from the election and the Democrats have celebrated and put on their , "conservative, "face long enough to satisfy the voters who pay close attention to the news just prior to and immediatly after an election and have satisfied them with the bipartisan talk. With that done they are beginning to reveal their true intentions about Iraq and , "amazingly, " they echo what they had been saying well before election day, " pull out immediatly." The left wing of the party and those on the fringe believe that they were responsible for bringing the win to the Democrats and have begun pressuring the leadership by calling for the immediate pull out. Of course it does not take much pressure from these far left elements to convince the leadership into doing what they had planned all along, it only confirms their own ideas. This is combined with the Democrat belief that they recieved a mandate on their Iraq policy by the voters rather than the truth about the election which was only a backlash to the GOP and NOT the mandate Demcorats believe. Democrats have also installed in an advisory position for Iraq policy former South Dakota Senator and 1972 Democrat Presidential candidate George McGovern. For those who do not know or do not remember, McGovern ran an anti-war and immediate pull out from Vietnam campaign against Richard Nixon in 1972 a policy that then was unpopular from the immediate pull out stand point with the American people who favored an honarable end providing security for South Vietnam. McGovern lost in a landslide to Nixon. McGovern has stated in his response to his new advisory position that Democrats should develop a policy for a complete pull out by June of 2007 or ,"they would not be in the majority very long." This additude does not match the majority of Americans who though weary of Iraq are NOT in favor of an immediate pull out but rather developing a strategy that will insure Iraqs soveriegnty and capability to govern and protect herself keeping US forces in the country until this is fully accomplished with a gradual redeployment as the situation warrants it. Senators Carl Levin, Harry Reid and Joe Biden all Democrats have called for a pull out, "within the next few months." Democrats have also called for Iraq to be partitioned into semi-autonomous Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions with the help of neighboring nations this inspite of the fact that millions of Iraqis under death threats have voted for a centralized government with a single Parlament and leadership that is represented by the three different influences in the country. With an announced , "redeployment, " timetable over the next few months, what is to prevent the terrorist entity and the insurgents from just waiting it out until we leave ? Additionally there has been talk of bringing Iran and Syria to the table seeking their input and assistance in stabalizing Iraq. Both countries have stated that they are more inetersted in controling Iraq in much the same way that they do Lebannon. Iran has been supporting the insurgency with weapons and manpower in an attempt to destabalize the country and force the US out so they can take over. Bringing Iran and Syria, "to the table, " in Iraq would be tantamonut to inviting the fox to the hen house to ask him how best to take care of the chickens. While there are problems in Iraq a quick and immediate pull out as the Demcorats are wanting would be a disaster for Iraq, the Middle East and The United States. Iran, Syria and terrorist entities like Al Qaeda would quickly move into the country taking over and imprisoning the people under tiranical rule and subjegation to Islamic fascism which has been promised by all three if they could control the country. Many on the left beleive this idea of a take over of Iraq by terrorists elements and Iran/Syria to be only a political ploy used by the President to support administration policy. Even Nancy Pelosi stated in her famous 60 Minutes interview before the election that she believed that the insurgency would stop or would not increase after the US left. Both beliefs are fallacies believed by the left that terrorists and insurgents have both stated was not true. In fact both have promised just the opposite. Iran has had as a stated goal the take over of Iraq forcing a theocratic Islamic rule on the country since the 1979 Islamic take over of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini.

The first few months of 2007 as Democrats take control of the House and Senate will determine the fate of Iraq the Middle East and in a very real sense The United States if they follow their plan to pull out of Iraq in the first few months of the year or by June at the latest. We will soon see a complete collapse of the country into anarchy as terrorism reigns and Iran begins its push to dominance in the country and the region. Al Qaeda will once again have a base of operations, a base that was eliminated by US forces in Afghanistan. The Iraqi people will once again fall under forced rule rather than the Democracy they desire. Whether the Democrats believe it or not these are the facts and realities of the situation and their wishful thinking and false beliefs will not stop it. We are the buffer that is preventing this until Iraq can prevent it on their own. Re-evaluating the current strategy and designing a working policy that stabalizes Iraq, strenghtens the voted for central government and protects the country from Iran and terrorism will prevent the scenerio I have mentioned above. A pull out as called and planned for by the Democrats will only hasten it!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

The " Demcorats " Didn't put forward any plan that the voters could judge in the election. They merely ran AGAINST everything the GOP wanted to do.

And when we warned voters of the hidden agenda, it was called a scare tactic.

Whose scared now?

11:54 AM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger RoseCovered Glasses said...

I am a 2 tour Vietnam Vet who recently retired after 36 years in the Defense Industrial Complex working on many of the weapons our forces are using in the middle east as we speak.

We rescued Kuwait with a clear mission and the best weapons in the world. Then we failed to leave. Our big mistake and a repeat of the mistakes of Vietnam.

Please see my blog for the posting, "Odyssey of Armaments" for a view from the inside on the quagmire in which we now find ourselves and its history since the Vitenam era.

The Pentagon as we konw know it needs to be dismantled.

12:08 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thanks Mike for the subtle mention of , "Demcorats." The left hand was quicker than the right as it was typed.

Agreed there is a mistaken though that this was mandate for the Dems instead of what it was a backlash against the GOP. Those in the GOP who voted Dem as a protest have forgotten who the libs are and what it would cost in the long run. This hidden agenda was only quiet until they could get the vote now it is an open agenda!

12:56 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I have been reminded the same thing by some of my readers, this was NOT a win for the Dems. Our party just didnt show up! I bet they wish to God they would have now!

The ONLY thing we did wrong was not get our message out like we should have. Not that we didnt try, but we were up against the Liberal Media, and we didnt scream loud enough.

I also tend to believe, and have been led to believe this by my parents that live in Cali, that alot of OUR party sat this one out. Whether it was in protest I'm not sure, or if they got complacent and thought "Oh we have it covered"!

I bet you they wont think that again.

But dont fret, I'm over fretting, these Lunatic's only have 2 years. They werent able to produce anything before the election, and they wont be able to produce anything now.

When the voters see everything they got promised during this election season, doesnt come to pass, I look for the Democat's to implode!

In Military terms "They may have won this battle, but they havent won the war"!!

2:00 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger lilfeathers2000 said...

God save us from the Maddness.

Random scattered thought
A doctrine fostered by a delusional,
Illogical liberal minority,
And rabidly promoted
By an unscrupulous mainstream media,
Which holds forth the proposition
That it is entirely possible
to pick up a turd by the clean end.

4:06 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger highboy said...

Mike, you got it all wrong, remember? Wesley Clark told us already the new plan: ask Bush to come up with one.

4:10 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I’d say we are on the same page, and I love the pic you found! Technically the democrats won, they won however by the loss by the republicans. If you look at many of the elections the democrat did win, but by 2% or less. Still a win but there was not this overwhelming swell of support for the ideas of the left that pulled people to the polls.

Now the left is in control of a branch, let’s now see how wonderful they are leadership. Like I said somewhere, will they give Bolton a bi-partisan vote on the floor? I doubt it.

5:24 PM, November 14, 2006  
Anonymous Seth said...

Simply put, the Democrats (and again, these are the modern, liberal controlled Democrats) have developed a completely unfathomable habit of doing everything in their power to obstruct the very venues that protect them and have cultivated some self deluding belief that they (and the rest of us) will be safe if they establish a strong symbiosis with our enemies, even to the point of slandering our own country, its policies and its leadership when they are not in charge.

To coin a phrase, "Go figure."

8:10 PM, November 14, 2006  
Blogger Gayle said...

Good morning, Ken.

Yes, Pelosi is going to be Speaker of the House, but she's acting as though she's going to be the President of the United States. They seem to have forgotten we still have a President in power who has the power to veto. Let's pray to God that he remembers that.

Interesting, seeing her run around in that Armani suit! Do you have any idea what those things cost? They want to squander our money, but have no intention of giving up any of theirs!

I also think that them showing who they are this way is a good thing. Maybe, as Marie says, the Republicans who sat this one out, are chastising themselves for it. I sure hope so!

10:11 AM, November 15, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Actually, it's the republicans who have brought you all to this point.

11:56 AM, November 15, 2006  
Anonymous Seth said...

And it's the real conservatives who will bring us back.

7:10 PM, November 15, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

Mike, since every single "plan" the repubs had has backfired, it seems they had been slowly starting to embrace the idea of a phased withdrawl anyway. However, they never wanted to let on to that, else they'd never be able to paint the political opposition as "cowardly". Well, how about "smart", huh? How about we see whether or not, in HALF the time, the Democrats can help clean up a big fat mess that (and let's not ever forget this) the Repubs created. It will be done not with tough talk and no ACTUAL plan, but with smart, straight-forward management. This "they-haven't-got-a-plan" crap is old already. For once, politicians are evoking the will of the people, who want this thing to END.

10:28 PM, November 15, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

The real conservatives these days are the liberals. It's called a paradox folks, look it up.

1:20 AM, November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Seth said...

Conservatives believe in the Constitution as written -- not in altering it to fit the "progressive" preferences of a political base nor to go around proper amendment proceedures by using the courts, ie the 9th Circus or the SCOTUS(which is there to interpret the law) to legislate.

Conservatives believe in U.S. sovereignty -- people who believe in open borders, basing our defensive actions on the whims of other countries, ie the EU or via the UN etc, are not conservatives.

Conservatives believe in small, non-intrusive government and minimal taxation. Can we expect either after January?

3:42 PM, November 16, 2006  
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