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Saturday, September 24, 2005


In a follow up to a post written here on Thursday concerning a Presidential run between the Hildabeast and Mr. Excitement, Al Gore, the Daily Kos Blog ran a poll to find the pulse of the far left and their Presidential preferences. With her more centrist move to garner votes, (yes votes not her true beliefs), the Hildabeast has lost ground with the left in her own party, ironically the very people who can supply the campaign funds and give her the nomination for the Dems. The Kos poll of 10,000 readers gave the nod to Wesley Clark, (34%), with Russ Fiengold, (19%), and John Edwards, (10%), following, the Hildabeast received only 8% in the poll which was down by 2% from the last poll taken in June. Although the poll is not scientific it is significant since those who participated in the poll are readers of a VERY left wing blog therefore their opinion does represent a prominent position within the Democrat Party and it would seem that the Hildabeast is continually loosing their support. How does this shape up for 2008 ? Without the support of the far left of the Democrat Party Hillary does not stand a chance in receiving the nomination. First, the campaign donations from within the party will dry up since the far left IS the money and they too control the 527's which played a very prominent roll in the election of 2004 and stand to be an even stronger force in 08. Second, even though many of the elected member's of the party do not associate, (at least publicly), with the far left, they control the party platform and thus the pulse of the party. For example, when the Dems were looking to replace McAuliffe as party chair speculation was that a more moderate individual would take his place. The far left would not hear of it and when the votes were tallied, Howard Dean was the result a true spokesman for the left! It is well known that he and the Hildabeast are not the best of friends. One of two things will begin to take shape over the next year. Either Hillary will continue with her false moderate look or she will realize that she cannot win the nomination unless she shows her true colors and begins courting the left wing of her party. Either way she looses. If she stays centrist, she looses party support. If she shows her true liberal colors she looses moderate support which she needs for the general election. This should be very interesting to watch! The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor


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