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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


There have been numerous articles and news reports stating that the recent rash of killer hurricanes are a result of global warming, a theory that has not been proven, which suggests that man, (especially the United States), is responsible for climate changes. These same people also claim that global warming is melting the polar ice caps, a theory too which has not been backed with proof. First, a proven fact is that seasons which produce numerous hurricanes go through cycles which appear approximately every fifty years the last of which began in the late forties and ended in the early sixties. Every hurricane expert agrees that global warming is not the cause of Katrina, Rita and the extensive number of hurricanes over the last few years. Second, there have been numerous reports of quite a bit of activity on the Sun which is sending a great deal of radiated heat our direction. Coincidently the planet Mars is experiencing much of the same climate changes as the Earth. The Mars rover has revealed that the polar caps on our closest neighbor are shrinking, ironically the same claim that the global warming whiners say is happening to Earth. Now if man is causing the climate changes on Earth then WHO pray tell is causing the climate changes on Mars ? Could it possibly be that the same source that supplies heat to BOTH planets is the cause as the Sun goes through a heating cycle, a cycle that the Sun has experienced MANY times in the past ? Maybe H.G. Wells was actually a fortune teller and The War of the Worlds was an encyclopedia of Earths doom. Personally I believe that the latter is more likely than the former and that the global warming whiners are full of hot air and our beloved planet is just going through changes like it has since God created it.

Ken Taylor


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