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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Time for the real work to Begin

Now that the election is over, we need to think about what we as americans want for our country. The people have spoken, and the Republican Party has run away wiith the election. So my question is, What do americans, as a whole want for the future. I believe that many of us get a little carried away during the election cycle (I know I tend to), But when the day is done, we all want the same things. A stronger country, a strong economy, and a safe homeland. With all of the venom that seemed to over take the airwaves in the last year, I can now breathe a sigh of relief that its all now over. All and all i believe that the election turned out the way that it did beacuase most americans don't like poloticians whom constantly point the finger at the other guy and point out all of there faults. You cannot run a negative campaign and win. Misery does not love company in politics. Now that all of this is over, I for one will be one of the first to call on President Bush to continue the work began during the fist 4 years, and make even more changes in our tax code, and to further reduce taxes for our hard working americans. I must make one more statement before I go to the radical liberals of this country. (If i didnt, i woudnt feel right) Your going to keep more of your money, your going to be free, whether you like it or not. You guys (liberals) have been a lot of fun over the last year. You have all been very entertaning. Thats your strength, and it serves you well. On a lighter note, Maybe the turnout was so high because of Puff Daddy's Vote or Die campaign. Just maybe some really believed it.
Thank you all, Conservatives and Liberals alike for getting out the vote.
P.S. check out for a good laugh. I make a call to all liberals when i say an intervention programs might settle this guy down some.
John Oliver Benton III


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