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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The recent revelation of General Stanley McChrystal's 66-page report to Barack Obama, warning that without the deployment of more US troops, the administration's Afghanistan policy will fail is a testament to a major problem, among many, of the Presidency of Barack Obama. Obama has become a one issue President and that issue is health care.

His emphasis on this one issue and the dominance of it has over shadowed all other responsibilities that he must undertake as President including being Commander in Chief. As a result the war in Afghanistan has been placed on the back burner at The White House and American soldiers are dying in larger numbers as a result.

General McChrystal's report outlining the necessity of more troops and the response by the White House of only evaluating the situation shows that Obama cannot handle more than one pressing problem at a time and he has created and chosen health care as that, "problem," to focus his time and energies on. This added to the fact that Obama has already indicated that victory was NOT his goal in Afghanistan, forces the conclusion that nothing will happen in fulfilling the request for more troops in the near and possibly not so near future.

Obama also alluded to this fact when he appeared as a visiting," celebrity," on The David Letterman Show when he stated that there would be no move to send additional troops until he was sure of what the strategy was in Afghanistan. WHAT ???? The President of The United States and the Commander in Chief of our armed forces in the midst of a war does not have a clue as to what the strategy is ?

Could it also be that Obama's need to continue to satisfy his liberal base who are totally against our presence in Afghanistan is more important than providing the troop numbers and support for our soldiers already in harms way and as a result to keep the left happy allowing them to whither in a policing action which is costing more American lives ?

We have an overwhelming superiority in weaponry, troops, tactics, leadership and the ability to fight and win and if the Commanding General who is actively accessing the battle situation on a daily basis states emphatically that he needs more troops or face failure, then as Commander in Chief it is Obama's responsibility to the troops and the people of The United States to supply what is needed to achieve victory. Oh, I almost forgot Obama does not WANT to achieve victory.

A surge of troops proved to be a winning strategy in Iraq where the fighting was much more costly in American lives then it is in Afghanistan. Is Obama waiting to see the body count reach the numbers that were falling in Iraq before he makes his decision, IF he makes a decision ? WE have the ability and the capability to steamroll through this enemy in Afghanistan and defeat them once and for all with an overwhelming force of American power and troops and Obama has no clue about strategy.

General McChrystal provided a strategy in his report which includes an increase in troops. A strategy that as a candidate Obama promised would take place if he were elected President. Now that he is in the Oval Office and the decision is his to make, he would rather concentrate ONLY on health care and listen to his liberal base than win a very winnable war, support our troops already in action and fulfill his first and main responsibility to the American people, to protect this country from our enemies.

Ken Taylor


Blogger RaDena said...

But of course Obama, who has never served in the military or done much of anything, knows more about fighting wars than our Generals do, dontcha know?

Actually, Ken, I doubt it's because he is only capable of handling one issue at a time, I believe it's more likely that he wants the health care debate to overshadow his horrible foreign policies. He doesn't want us to know... problem is that we do know and I think the sh*t is going to hit the fan on this one!

2:23 PM, September 23, 2009  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I fear that this is where his inexperience and ignorance will take a toll on the country. It's the start of something new, I just wished that it was positive.

10:14 PM, September 23, 2009  
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