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Friday, March 13, 2009


President Ronald Reagan first told us what, "yes we can," means. We as Americans can recover without the oppression of government, without massive programs and spending and without socializing American life and ending American freedom by creating an enslaved dependancy on government to solve all of our problems.

Reagan believed in America. But he also beleived in the American people to rise above any crisis and not using the crisis to force government upon the people as is happening with the current administration.

During the campaign Barack Obama stated that he thought that Ronald Reagan, "changed the trajectory of America," because America was ready after the,"excesses of the sixties and seventies where government had grown and grown," and tapped into what the people wanted. It is time to follow the Reagan example Mr. Obama and remember as President Reagan said,"government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Ken Taylor


Blogger MDConservative said...

Well said: both yourself and Reagan. :)

12:27 PM, March 13, 2009  
Blogger Gayle said...

But we both know, my friend, that Obama is not going to follow Reagan's example. He's going for the destruction of capitalism and bigger government and he is proving that his priority is not solving our economic problems but instead it is pushing his liberal policies. Obama is now showing his true colors and It's pretty obvious it's only going to get worse as long as the far-left of the Democratic party is in charge. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid! GADS!

I'm also wondering who is really the president, Obama or Pelosi? *sigh*

4:43 PM, March 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Your Great Reagan was not so great. He started your debt and you don't even noticed. Bush was an idiot, almost retarded. Your alternative, that old senile guy and the mentally challenged lady would be the butt of a joke for the world, so at least you were saved from one more embarrassing republican term. Your new president? I'll be damned if he can fix the buthole you guys are in. He does not stand a chance because your country is rotten with radicals from right and left. Like you and your brainwashed hate, your two sided truths and washed talking points: both sides are sheep following different herds. Here's hoping for your guys cut the crap and get it on already. Start a civil war and go kill those liberal pigs, you chicken! You have your guns, they wouldn't stand a chance. And how much the rest of the world would enjoy your piece of shit country being split and the conservatives and liberal killing one another. Aren't you pissed off enough yet that your liberal neighbour is taking your handout? Come on chicken, somebody has to start. I give you the push: Go Obama... to hell! You will fail and US will be in its knees soon enough.
Conservatives of America, let's rescue the country from socialism! Grab your gun and kill a liberal. U-huh.

10:40 AM, March 18, 2009  
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