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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After numerous denials by Barack Obama and members of his staff that there was NO contact between the Obama camp and Blago, the truth comes out that several conversations did take place concerning Obama's vacant Senate seat and the Illinois Governor.

Not necessarily by Obama himself but by his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. I have mentioned in earlier postings that conversations between a President Elect or his office are common when a Governor must fill a vacated Senate or House seat because of an election.

In fact I am sure that Obama and/or his staff have been in contact with New York concerning Hillary's soon to be vacant seat, which is why Caroline Kennedy has become the top candidate.

It is not uncommon for a seat to be filled as a political favor and to allow for the seat to be filled with a candidate who has similar political views as any President Elect.

So Obama's contention that neither he nor his staff had any contact with Blago was false from the very beginning now the revelation that conversations between Emanuel and Blago are part of the taped conversations in FBI custody as part of the investigation.

There has been no charge of wrong doing for either Obama or Emanuel concerning the conversations. But that fact that Obama and his staffers have repeatedly denied having contact with Blago concerning the Senate seat does raise questions and also questions Obama's contention that his administration was going to be transparent.

All Obama or anyone on his staff had to say was the truth, that they had talked with Blago about the seat , as everyone already knew was fact. Then nothing would be questioned and the fact that Emanuel is on the tapes would have been an after thought rather than a headline.

Transperancy is NOT telling the press one thing while a completely different action has taken place. Again no one in Obama's staff if under investigation but if that is the case then why did the President Elect and his staff feel it necessary to lie about conversations and contact with Blago ?

The fact that they denied what is now known as a flat out false statement leaves the air of guilt where there most likely is no guilt. If this is Obama's idea of transperancy then the next four years are going to be one lie right after another! If this is an example of how Obama handles a crisis then we are in BIG trouble!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Obama said "I" had no contact. But apparently Emanuel handed Blago a list of potential replacements that would be acceptable to Obama.

Are we supposed to believe that Emanuel made this list up himself?

It's clear that Obama LIED! It's not the first time ("I never heard Rev. Wright say those things in church") and it won't be the last.

Odd that libs who vilified President Bush for so many years and claimed he "lied" about WMD in Iraq would be so quick to look away when a more obvious liar is about to take office.

Or are they about to shift back once again to their old Clinton style standards "everybody does it."

How long before we hear "it's just about sex?"

10:41 AM, December 16, 2008  
Blogger A. Truman North said...

It's pronounced blow-job-a-bitch

Best Regards

7:53 PM, December 16, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

"...why did the President Elect and his staff feel it necessary to lie about conversations and contact with Blago?"

Like Mike said, he lied about Rev. Wright. He also lied about his association with ACORN, Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers. Does he even know how not to lie? I doubt it.

10:30 AM, December 17, 2008  
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