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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The polls opened in South Carolina at 7AM Eastern Time and I was there ten minutes before the doors opened to cast my vote for the next President of The United States, John McCain. I have voted at the same precinct in the last seven elections, General and Primaries both. I have never seen voter turn out as high as it looks to be today.

As I was driving later in the morning, I passed four precincts and parking lots were full with voters lining up all the way to the street. Reports all over the area are telling of record turn out, and the evidence that I witnessed both at my precinct and others shows that to be the case.

All across the Nation long lines and record numbers seem to be showing up at the polls to elect the next President. Could the numbers mean a referendum on Barack Obama ? Indications from early voting do not show large numbers of new voters to coincide with the reported record new registrations that Democrats claim to have signed up in their get our the vote drives, with the illegal assistance of ACORN.

Across the board early voting has been predominately previous voters and in most states the numbers of Republican and Democrat have been somewhat equal. In other words most of the early voting are voters who rather than wait in long lines as they have in the past have chosen to get out early to avoid the crowds on election day.

Dick Morris a former Clinton White House staffer has suggested that because of the massive amount of media exposure and the 4-1 advantage in campaign ads that Obama has had over McCain, is causing the Illinois Senator to more or less take on the roll of an incumbent in a Presidential election that has no incumbent. His over exposure has caused, in essence, the affect of voters growing tired of seeing him and as such he is almost thought of as the incumbent candidate.

In nearly all previous elections large voter turn out is considered a disadvantage for the incumbent and usually thought to be a referendum on that candidate. This combined with new revelations about Obama in which he recently spoke of his plan to spread the wealth with Joe the Plumber and his proposal concerning clean coal that he admitted in an interview would ,"bankrupt," the coal industry and cause electric prices to,"skyrocket," are having a negative affect on the Obama campaign.

Both of these factors could very well be combining to create a large turn out to vote AGAINST Obama rather than the much talked about turn out which some believed would result in his election. The result of a large turn out remains to be seen when the votes are counted but this one fact is undeniable, going into today's election McCain clearly has the momentum as Obama's numbers have been shrinking consistently in the last two weeks and especially last weekend and Monday leading into the election.

Undecided voters are obviously breaking for McCain and the battleground states are showing in most polling either a tie or well within the margin of error. An article that I read at Redstate yesterday from a staffer in the Obama camp who has become very disillusioned by what she has seen from the inside states that the internal polling taken by the campaign creates a very dim picture for Obama and the numbers released to the media concerning new registration is tremendously higher then the actual new registrants.

To my fellow conservatives who think that it was over before the day began, DO NOT let media hype and scewed polling discourage you from voting. That is exactly what the scewed polls and the negative reporting about McCain was designed to do, so do not buy into it.

On election day 2004, polling showed John Kerry up by six points with an electoral count of 305 with only 270 needed to win. As exit polls started hitting the news by 3:30 the afternoon of the election news services were reporting a Kerry landslide. Then the actual numbers started coming in and an entirely different picture began to show. The final result when the votes were counted had a Bush victory with almost a 5 point margin in the popular vote and a 286 to 252 win in the electoral vote.

To all Americans whatever your party affiliation or non-affiliation voting in an election is a privilege granted us through the freedoms that are outlined in our Constitution. Never take them for granted and vote. Now I will state my belief and my position concerning this election.

Never before in our history have we been faced an election with a candidate who has made it very clear that if elected he would shake the foundational principles of our Nation. Those principles of freedom and individual responsibility without government hindrances or government involvement in our ability to achieve the American Dream have been the hall mark of the greatness of our Nation.

Barack Obama has made it clear that he believes that government should shoulder the responsibility of handling our daily lives and that government alone should decide how much or how little we can grow and achieve as those in power in an Obama administration redistribute income, increase taxes, increase government entitlements and expenditures and change the fabric of our Nation from a free Republic of, by and for the people to one in which as Karl Marx put it in his design for Socialism, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Never what the Founders envisioned for America and never what our Constitution provides as our rights for our individual freedom.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous l.jeff18 said...

As if having Bush around for 8 years wasn't enough- the main reason not to vote Republican, even if you are a registered Republican: Senator McCain and Governor Palin are simply thinly-veiled, watered-down versions of Democrats. They claim to represent the key tenants of core conservative beliefs but in truth, they are far removed from being true free market capitalists.

Check out this article:

Written by a Republican who actually cares about the party, not just this election.

1:00 PM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great Post Ken,

Over the last 24 hours the independents have been leaning toward McCain, that explains to me the long lines because they waited to the last minute.

I am still predicting a McCain/Palin Victory :-)


1:55 PM, November 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still predicting a McCain/Palin Victory :-)


Your psychic license has been revoked. Those black panther idiots where probably paid by the Republicans to be there. The middle class and non-racists have spoken. We are better. We are Great once again. Your participation not needed. Null.

2:08 AM, November 05, 2008  
Anonymous patrick said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

2:10 AM, November 07, 2008  
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