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Friday, October 31, 2008


Even as I am writing this post, I realize that with the majority of those who are reading it, I am , "speaking to the choir," concerning the media bias toward Barack Obama. Unfortunately there are many who still think, as they drink the liberal Kool Aid, that the press in either balanced OR biased toward John McCain.

As the old saying goes, " the proof is in the pudding," and I have found the pudding to actually present the bias toward Obama by the numbers from research that has looked at this political campaign and the way it has been covered. The proof is not only undeniable but was gathered by a think tank who is non-partisan and looks at the media with a purely objective view.

According to The Project For Media Excellence who has taken the coverage of the media and broken it down by positive and negative coverage of both candidates not only is the press in tank for Obama but so overwhelmingly so that the numbers actually surprised me a point.

Overall all avenues of media, print and broadcast the negative coverage breaks down to 57% negative for McCain and only 29% negative for Obama. Print media is even worse with 69% negative toward McCain and 28% negative for Obama.

NBC and MSNBC get the nod for being the most biased media outlet with NBC showing 54% negative for McCain and only 21% negative for Obama. MSNBC should bow their liberal heads in shame for even trying to act like objective ,"journalists," as their coverage is 73% negative for McCain and only 14% negative for Obama.

For those who try to claim that Fox News is ,"in the tank," for McCain The Project For Excellence In Journalism's findings disagree as the study shows the Fox claim of being fair and balanced is not just a claim but a proven fact as their coverage of the election shows 40% negative for McCain and 40% negative for Obama. Fox does have several conservative commentators but remember commentary is the opinion of the commentator and not supposed to be objective journalism.

That is where the the problem lies and the difference between Fox and the alphabet news outlets as well as other cable outlets like MSNBC. The alphabets, (ABC, NBC and CBS) and MSNBC all claim to be objective journalists but the absolute bias in favor of Obama has taken journalism out of the picture and made each of these outlets no more than commentaries who promote Obama as a candidate.

Yet even with the coverage biased so much toward Obama he has shown that if elected freedom of the press which is one of the checks and balances that the Founders included in the Constitution, will be stifled if a media outlet dares to ask tough questions of Obama. The real purpose for the Founders including freedom of the press in the Bill of Rights was to allow for an unfettered press that was not subject to the government or bias thus making it a voice for the people to expose corruption and keep political toes to the fire.

If Obama is elected the press will be in the tank for him as they are now which eliminates much of that avenue of Constitutional checks and balances. But as has been already shown in his campaign several times that if the press dare ask tough questions they are either banned from his plane or denied access to the candidate.

He refused to allow The Saturday Evening Post writer on his plane for the European trip because of a cover that was published that did not portray Obama in a very flattering light claiming that the plane ran out of room for one more. When an Orlando, FL. News anchor asked tough questions of Biden, an interview scheduled with Biden's wife was cancelled and the Obama campaign denied the station any access to Obama or Biden. This same anchor interviewed McCain the next day and asked equally as tough questions of him and not one cry of unfair came from the McCain campaign.

Now the Washington Times has been kicked off of Obama's plane and coverage denied for the paper because of negative reporting. Again with the Obama campaign, "claiming," no room for one more. So even with most of the media in the tank for Obama it is obvious that if the media dares to cross the media darling they are no longer in favor with the messiah and as such banned and their freedom of access through a free press is denied. Also The Dallas Morning News joins The Washington Times and The New York Post as news agencies who have endorsed McCain and no longer allowed access to Obama.

So it now becomes obvious that if elected not only would an Obama administration not receive the press scrutiny as has been the case during past administrations but if any outlet dares to come out against Obama their First Amendment rights will be denied. If he denies the rights of those who have favored him as much as the press then how would we the people stand in an Obama administration. Would our freedoms in like manor fade away as government control grows under liberal control ? Do I hear echos of Pravda and Socialism ?

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

One of the "choir" here.

You've got it right, Ken, but I know I don't have to tell you that. It's truly easy to see that our freedoms would fade away under an Obama government. I hear echoes of Pravda, but I see evidence of socialism as clear as day!

9:24 PM, October 31, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Barrack Hussein Obama is THEE most arrogant SOB I have ever seen.

5:53 PM, November 01, 2008  
Blogger Endorendil said...

Perhaps the analysts simply agree that McCain's policies don't make sense, Palin is not fit for purpose and their campaign has simply gone too dirty. Unbiased reporting just means you don't let your own views cloud your judgement. It does not mean you have to refrain from calling a pig a pig. Even if it has lipstick on.

7:37 PM, November 01, 2008  
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