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Sunday, October 19, 2008


He admitted it directly to , "Joe the Plumber." In his own words Barack Obama advocated Socialism when the now famous Joe the Plumber expressed concern about Obama's tax plan in which individuals and businesses who make over $250,000 dollar will experience a tax increase. Joe is working toward owning the business that he presently works for and Obama told him that he thought when, " you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

In the last of the Presidential debates John McCain used this conversation and the example of Joe the Plumber as a point of reference concerning Obama's economic plan especially in referencing his tax policy. It has had an affect as people everywhere have been able to identify with Joe and his concerns over tax increases and as Joe put it in an interview Obama's sharing of the wealth being, "socialist."

This is a huge negative about Obama that those who support him especially those in the media want to keep under raps. As such there has been a concentrated effort by the Obama campaign and their media backers to demonize an average American who did not attend an Obama rally but in whom Obama brought the rally to his door step as Obama was going door to door campaigning. This average, "Joe," simply asked Obama a question and now he is being hammered in an attempt to ruin Joe's credibility.

Why ? Because while Obama's plans are socialist in nature, actually having it said they are socialist makes this messiah of the left look bad and his policy look dangerous. Yet the fact remains that Barack Obama IS A SOCIALIST ! Sure he calls himself a Democrat after the party that nominated him. His record in the Senate is liberal by definition in relation to the way in which he voted, when he voted and I stress, WHEN.

But in truth Barack Obama is a Socialist and his agenda in which he wants to bring to the American people as ,"change," will greatly advance our society toward Socialism, a slippery slope that has already started but will face near completion with an Obama administration especially if he has a Democrat majority to back his agenda.

Some of the slippery slope began with the advent of the institution of the income tax which began with the passage of the 16th amendment in 1913. It was furthered by FDR's New Deal with the onset of Social Security and the massive government sponsored expansions that took place under his administration. Lyndon Johnson expanded on this with his Great Society which created an entitlement based welfare system which in essence discouraged working in favor of government assistance.

More recently are the Socialistic style economic bailout packages which have partially nationalized private businesses like AIG in which the government has a 79% controlling voice and tax payer money is being used to shore up a collapsed sector of the economy. All of which came about because in the rush to hit the campaign trail not one free market solution, in which there were many, was even considered. As such just as in the Great Depression government intervention rather than free market solutions will delay the amount of time it takes for the economy to fully recover.

Now Barack Obama steps in proposing new and massive Socialistic plans that will as he put it, "spread the wealth," under an Obama administration. His tax plan is a massive redistribution of wealth increasing taxes on those individuals and small businesses who make over $250, 000 Deceptively stating that the majority of small businesses make far less than the thresh hold for Obama's tax increase. When in reality according to the Tax Policy Center ONLY 9% of small businesses fall under the thresh hold with the other 91% facing eligibility for the increase under the Obama plan.

His claim of ,"tax cuts," for ," 95%," of Americans are nothing more than redefining the meaning of tax cut with a series of tax credits ranging from increasing the earned income credit to credits for college tuition and so called, "green," cars. All of which except the green car credit are refundable which means that the 44% of Americans, 63 million who pay NO taxes will receive a tax refund upon filing which will be payed for by Obama's tax increase for those who make over 250K.

Additionally these credits phase out if as an individual makes more income which will discourage working and actually create a tax welfare system. This is just the tip of the Socialism iceberg for Barack Obama. His health care plan by his estimate will cost $150 BILLION dollars each year, most believe it will cost much more. Providing government health care to anyone who does not have a work related plan.

His claim of saving those with health insurance, $2500 dollars per year is based on shifting the cost of catastrophic health care from the private sector to the government, payed for out of tax payer money. This idea also eliminates cost containment through competition because the government control of catastrophic insurance will allow out of control pricing at tax payer expense. Basically cost containment which is the key problem in the health care system goes out the window. Again Socialising health care where everyone through taxes pays for government control.

As evidenced in each debate when Obama was pressed for answers concerning how he would solve any problem his response always gave a government solution which again stresses his Socialistic ideas. He fully believes that the only answer to any problem is government. A society where government provides for the people and the people in turn become dependant on the government. Who then under Obama's socialistic society provides the money to pay for government control ? The people. First the, "rich," as Obama states are those who make over 250K each year. This is only about 5% of the population.

A money supply that Obama will soon tap out especially as they see their money dwindle through increased taxation and start tightening their investment and/or business expansion which will eliminate jobs and services. This thresh hold of 250K receiving a tax increase out of necessity under Obama's Socialistic expansion will have to be lowered in order to pay for Obama's programs. First it will drop to 200K, the 150K, then 100K then 50K and so on.

Also as business is taxed more under Obama, consumers will carry the burden. Businesses do not pay taxes as such. The tax burden of a business is absorbed in their prices for goods and services. If they receive a tax increase they either cut back employees or pass the increase on to the consumer through higher prices or both. Also when has anyone found a job provided by a poor person ? Those above Obama's tax increase thresh hold provide jobs. And when their taxes are raised the jobs decrease! Democrats have NEVER understood this plain and simple FACT!

Class warfare is the key to Socialism and the center piece of Barack Obama's agenda as he constantly demonizes those who make more than 250K, calling them the rich and promises those who make less that under his government Socialism they will receive the money taken from the evil and successful rich.

Spreading the wealth, government solutions for everything, tax welfare which discourages work in order to receive a tax credit, government control and individual dependency on government and finally increasing the burden on private business thus eliminating jobs and raising prices. This is the cost of electing Barack Obama. This is the price of Barack Obama , Socialist !

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voting for McCain

Why? NO SOCIALISM..... all those who love socialism try living in a socialist country before bragging about it... live there don't just travel there on vacation....

Examples of SOCIALSIM: want to go to college FREE?? Yes for 10 years, get paid and never earn a degree=SOCIALSIM. Have kids, get paid $300 Euros a month and paid leave for 3 years=SOCIALISM. Want to camp on your neighbors lawn without permission in Norway=SOCIALISM. Free childcare=SOCIALISM.

Bottom line...I've lived in Socialist countries you give up your freedom, too.... don't forget that before you brag about your European vacation to friends... live there first and pay the taxes before you say socialism is good....

Obama may want people to camp on his private property like Norway allows...

5:49 PM, October 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, I just don’t buy the fake indignation. If you make over $250K/year you are a) basically rich for starters and b) not going to feel a 3% incremental tax hike on the money over $250K you earn. How do I know? I’ve been there. The idea that this represents middle America or the average American is disingenuous. Forget Joe for a moment, the issue is just BS. Do you think all the GM and Chrysler workers about to be laid off are going to care about the incremental tax rate on those making $250K? I don’t think so.

This whole issue has nothing to do with the American worker in reality. The average household income in the US is $50K. This is merely a last gasp attempt by one campaign to steer attention away from the economic disaster on the horizon.

Now back to Joe, my comment is simply this: “If you’re going to play with the big boys prepare to get hit.” This guy stepped out on the National stage after the debate and opened his mouth in the middle of the most divisive election in American history. Guess what, he got hit. His story didn’t add up — something he had to know from day 1. It turns out he’s better off under the Obama plan. The business he works for doesn’t make that much money for his question to even be an issue. It’s just BS and that’s what the media is calling him on.

What a surprise…

6:15 PM, October 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never imagined that I would see this great country be converted to a socialist state. The aggregate IQ of Americans has evidently dropped so low that they don't even know they are being had. McCain is a scary old man but at least he is a known qualtity and won't take us down the path to communism. America wake up!

12:33 AM, October 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's candidate for president.

Only Bob Barr is a real conservative. John McCain was in favor of the bailout, and he and Obama both support putting US government money into commercial banks, which is Socialism.

Only Bob Barr opposes this, and he hates Fannie and Freddie and would shut them both down.

11:32 AM, October 20, 2008  
Blogger Reddy Righter said...

I keep hearing how tax cuts--particularly for the wealthy--will spur economic growth.
How will this work if the wealthy are finding new ways to hang onto their money-or are not investing it--or are using it overseas to outsource jobs.
Why didn't the results of the Bush tax credits look like the results of Reagans?
It doesn't seem like tax cuts+financing a war+relying on foreign debt is a good way to grow the economy.
Am I missing something?
Reddy Righter

6:12 PM, October 20, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

It would really help lessen confusion if people would not post as "Anonymous" but would at least make up a name. Four Anonymous comments in a row is a bit confusing, expecially when they aren't all from the same person.

Oh well... I keep complaining about that. Sorry... it's a pet peeve.

Great post Ken. I hope people are paying attention. The first Anonymous comment is exactly right. Maybe some Americans needs four years of socialism in order to wake up from their fog but that's a terribly hig price for the rest of us to pay.

I believe McCain's campaign is doing a good job of getting the message out that Obama's plan is socialism. I wish our people didn't have to have this explained to them!

8:40 PM, October 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Welcome to the People’s Republic of Alaska, where every resident this year will get a $3,200 payout, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of Sarah Palin, the state’s Republican governor. That’s $22,400 for a family of seven, like Palin’s. Since 1982, the Alaska Permanent Fund, which invests oil revenues from state lands, has paid out a dividend on invested oil loot to everyone who has been in the state for a year. But Palin upped the ante by joining with Democrats and some recalcitrant Republican state legislators to share in oil company windfall profits, further fattening state tax revenue and permitting an additional payout in tax funds to residents." - A Reminder!

9:45 PM, October 20, 2008  
Anonymous Doug said...

How do we know if Barrack Obama is a Socialist? One way to determine this and if he has Socialist tendencies is to review his voting record in the United States Senate with Bernard "Bernie" Sanders the so-called Independent Senator from Vermont but self-described “democrat-socialist”.

Please go to or and review Senator Sanders’s bio.

Let’s review the 110th Congress Session 1 of 2007 Senate Voting Records.
• Party Percent is defined as the percentage voting with one’s Party Majority either Yea or Nay.

Senator Party Percent Vote with Sanders Percent
John McCain 88% 34%
Jeff Sessions 89% 36%
Jon Kyl 86% 30%
Mitch McConnell (Party Leader) 92% 35%

Bernard Sanders (Independent) 95% 100%

Barrack Obama 96% 92%
Barbara Boxer 96% 89%
Dianne Feinstein 94% 85%
Harry Reid (Party Leader) 96% 92%

If Barrack Obama votes 92% of the time with a "Socialist" does that fact make him and his Democratic Party lending towards "Socialism", just a question?

Remember the immortal words of John Adams “Facts are stubborn things”.

I got my United States Senate voting data at you can too!

6:19 PM, October 21, 2008  
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