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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It has now been three days since Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2008 Presidential bid. The talk shows, morning news fluff shows and commentators have been buzzing about her possibilities and her viability especially in light of the new media darling Barak Obama. Yet despite his new found celebrity when Hillary announced all eyes focused on her and the whirlwind that surrounded Obama faded. In all of the hype and the speculation that has surrounded her announcement there are two facts that stand out concerning her candidacy and especially how she will be handled by the media for the next two years.

First - her candidacy is based on a lie. I have not heard in any interview, commentary, news sound bite or anything else for that matter one mention of her lie to the people of New York as she ran for re-election as the junior Senator from that state. From the very beginning of her re-election bid she was asked repeatedly whether she was considering a run for the Presidency in 2008 and in every instance either she or one of those assigned as a spokesman for her emphatically denied any thought of running in 08. Infact in several occasions she stated that she was thinking only of 06 and not beyond and that if re-elected she would serve her entire six year term and NOT run for President. The people of New York bought into this snow job because in polls conducted prior to the 06 election the question was asked whether they would vote for Clinton if they thought she was running in 08. The response by New Yorkers was overwhelmingly against her re-election if she planned on an 08 bid. Polls showed that if she was not running in 08 she would win re-election to the Senate with at least 60% of the vote. If she were running in 08 and not completing her six year Senate term she would only receive 35 - 40 % of the vote thus losing her Senate seat. Her deception in New York gained her re-election to the Senate and now just over two months later she fulfills her lie to the people of New York and announces for 08. This is a Clinton trait that she has in common with her husband. She like Bubba beleives that the Presidency is her destiny and she will say or do whatever she has to in order to fulfill that destiny. Truth or lie in the Clinton mind the end justifies the means.

Two - she will NEVER be scrutinized. Hillary has a great deal of baggage to bring into a run for the Presidency. Baggage that stems from her eight years as First Lady with lingering questions concerning her actions while in the White House, ( remember Travelgate?), as well as her involvement in White Water along with a myriad of other questions shrouded around her. Will she receive the grilling on this baggage as other candidates do? No ! The media even in light of the hype with Obama favor Hillary and she receives only favorable reporting and when asked questions she is delivered the largest softballs that any politician has ever received. In an interview on the Today Show this week she was asked about her candidacy and her familiarity as a candidate. She mentioned a statement made by, "a friend, " that she is the most famous woman in the country that no one knows anything about. Of course she said that this was one of the goals of her candidacy to let the American people know who she is. This too is a fallacy that will remain so until election day in November of 08 providing she gets the nomination of the Democrat Party. While Hillary is well known, no one knows her. She is again shrouded in mystery and we see only the superficial image that she wants everyone to see and not the conniving, angry and manipulating woman that those who have worked with her describe. Of those only Dick Morris has survived in the public arena as all other critics have disappeared from public view. For the next two years while other candidates both Republican and Democrat will receive the almost excessive scrutiny both politically and privately that accompanies anyone running for President, Hillary will remain an enigma to the public being portrayed only as she wishes people to see her. In debates, interviews and reporting she will be treated with kid gloves and when questioned will receive softball questions as she always has, designed to make her look and sound Presidential.

The next two years will be a constant barrage of Hillary. While Obama and Edwards do have viable chances of giving her a run for the nomination, she is the , "rock star, " and when all is said and done her liberal ideas will be released to satisfy the base thus gaining her the nomination. Her catch 22 will then come into play as she will have to reverse herself considerably to capture moderates in the 08 General Election which will also cause her to lose liberal support prior to the election. While I see her winning the Democrat nomination her catch 22 situation and her polarizing effect with the electorate, she's either loved or hated no in between, will be her undoing to win the Presidency. Come to think of it she may very well complete her six years as junior Senator from New York! The Hildabeast Watch continues.

Ken Taylor

NOTE - Because of her dropping off daily coverage on the national screen for a time I temporarily dropped , "The Hildabeast Watch, " column. Now that she has announced her candidacy this weekly column will start back up again and can be found in the upper sidebar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post and blog. Will be adding your site to my blog roll. Stop by & visit sometime!

4:11 PM, January 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great read :)

7:03 PM, January 23, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I know how much you like this:

8:38 PM, January 23, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Great post Ken.

Now I think I'm going to go get sick.

2:55 AM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Hillary has been scrutinized more than any person on earth. If not, it isn't the democrats fault. What have you all been doing? Sitting on your thumbs? If you've got anything, come out with it.

If you can't even get that straight...then what can you get right?

11:49 AM, January 24, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


We dont need to provide anything, it will be HILLarious to watch the Democrats tear each other apart.

1:55 PM, January 24, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I think I'll just ignore kitty litter.

That moonbat isn't even worth the time to respond.

2:59 PM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

You just didn't. Ignore me that is. Fool.

7:40 PM, January 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The “War on Terror” is a hoax

The so-called “war on terror” is a hoax. The threat of terrorism has been intentionally exaggerated and manipulated to give the government immunity from the law and public scrutiny.

The government uses strong language to convince us of their devotion to protecting America. Words like: freedom, democracy, patriotism, and liberation. But actions speak louder than words, and their actions have contradicted their promises.

The questions that need to be asked if they really want to end terrorism are: What is terrorism? What is the cause of terrorism? How can we reverse the cause of terrorism?

Our government would have us believe that terrorism is an act of pure evil committed against an innocent victim. To understand what terrorism is you have to look at it from the terrorist’s perspective, too. Our government and corporate media work hard to hide this from us, but America is a powerful force in the mid-east. To most Arabs, our presence increases the persecution of Arabs. What we call terrorism they call revenge.

Revenge for our continued military, economic, and moral support of Israel is the primary reason for their resentment towards us. Israel has illegally occupied and oppressed Arabs for many years. Surely Arabs feel that the friend of my enemy is also my enemy.

Revenge for our mid-east foreign policy driven by our need for their oil. For example in 1953 we overthrew Iran’s leader Mossadegh because he was challenging the free flow of their oil to us . We installed The Shaw who was a brutal dictator for 25 years. The American masses are unaware of this history but to Arabs it is still fresh in their memory.

Our government is happy to have us believe that terrorism is aimed at America because they hate us for our Freedom. If that were true than they must hate all “free” nations? They must really have it out for Holland and Switzerland?

If we are in a war on terror, then why is it that the White House took steps that everyone knew would increase terrorism? That is by invading Iraq. The experts at the CIA predicted that “war and occupation would boost political Islam and increase sympathy for terrorists' objectives -- and Iraq would become a magnet for extremists from elsewhere in the Middle East.” The past three years has proven them right.

If we are in a war on terror, then why are countries that let us exploit them exempt from it? We did nothing to Saudi Arabia when all but four of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were from there. Maybe instead of trusting James Baker to guide us out of Iraq, we should be asking him why defended Saudi Arabia from the lawsuit filed by the families of the 9/11 victims?

Pakistan has also been exempt. We know that the head of the Pakistani intelligence service, General Mahmoud Ahmad, gave hijack ringleader Mohammed Atta $100,000. Why then did he meet with George Tenet and why was he meeting with Porter Goss in New York when the planes struck the Twin Towers? Richard Armitage then told Ahmed that we would bomb Pakistan "back to the Stone Age” if they did not comply with our war on terror. Is it a coincidence that journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered while investigating this money trail in Pakistan?

If we are at war with any country that harbors terrorists, then why are we ourselves excluded from this? The U.S. refuses to extradite CIA operatives Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles to be prosecuted for their involvement in many acts of terrorism.

If we are in a war on terror than why is it that after five years, practically nothing has been done to secure our borders or ports?

Why is it that after five years they have not been able to capture Bin Laden? Is it because he is smarter than our collective military and CIA? Or do we really want to catch him? If we caught him it would reduce the public’s perceived threat of terrorism and we would not be able to wreak havoc all over the globe under the guise of searching for him and his associates.

How is it that we let our government engage in a war without asking: “How will we know when it is over?” There are only two ways for this war on terror to end. The longer our aggression continues to spread, it will be more likely that we will be attacked by countries that realize they will be our next victims, like China, Russia, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. The other way that the war on terror will end is if Americans eventually realize that our actions are creating more new enemies than it is reducing, and seriously endangering our national security. Then they will demand the government change its stance on Israel and mid-east foreign policies.

The most common excuse given by the neocons that created this war on terror for America’s new outlook on the world is that the world was drastically changed by 9/11. If the world was really changed on 9/11, and our new National Security Strategy, or “Bush Doctrine”, is a pre-emptive approach in response to this new dangerous world, then why was this blueprint written by “The Project for the New American Century” in 2000?

7:40 PM, February 08, 2007  
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