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Sunday, January 14, 2007


"Angry American." This is a title, a description yeah almost an honor that has been given to Americans since the beginning of our Republic. Throughout our history, " Angry American's, " have brought about change not only within our own country but also on the world stage. Being an, "Angry American, " has represented a certain patriotic fervor that when roused provides a resolve that has not only changed the course of history but has a dose of righteous indignation that meets injustice heralding freedom in its path. It was "Angry American's, " who recognized the injustice and the abusing of freedom by the British Crown in the 1760's and 70's that united the Colonies to declare independence thus giving birth to this new land of freedom and liberty for all. "Angry American's," following the dictates of their free conscience divided this Union in 1861 bringing Civil War thus creating the defining moment of our new nation and in whose end brought a , "new birth of freedom, " and a renewed strength which insured that this nation would survive through time. "Angry American's, " refused to accept personal defeat in 1929 and their resolve through hard work helped this nation survive, "The Great Depression." "Angry American's" rose with one voice on December 7, 1941 and through a, "terrible resolve, " lead the world in the defeat of nations seeking world domination through tyrannical rule and the elimination of freedom. "Angry American's," grew withing our ranks and ended the American Inquisition under Joseph McCarthy. "Angry American's, " fearing Soviet domination fervently prevailed through 40 years of Cold War until the collapse of Communism as we knew it in 1989. Our history is filled with "Angry American's," who understanding that freedom and liberty is precious and something that cannot be taken for granted who have risen, spoken out, fought and yes even died to insure that this nation should remain free.

In recent years the term, "Angry American, " has taken on a new meaning that divides our nation as never before. "Angry American's, " have become individuals who are angry at America and rather than exercising a patriotic fervor as in the past they use the premise of freedom of speech as a platform to lash out at the nation and blame the very source of that freedom namely, The United States, for every conceivable problem that exists in the world. This type of ,"Angry American, " seem to dominate headlines and find their way into the very fabric of our nation. Creating an anger by Americans who find disgust in their words and actions and in many respects and embolden enemies who seek to destroy our land by providing them with political propaganda as these enemies quote the , "Angry American, " in an attempt to show the world the ,"righteousness, " of their fascist cause and displaying discord within the hearts of the American people. First this is not advocating the control of freedom of speech. This precious right given us by the wisdom of our Founding Fathers is one of the cornerstones of our Republic. The original intent of the Founders in establishing this as a right to all Americans was to provide a means to voice dissention with the government without fearing retribution for our words. Government dissention through the exercise of this freedom has brought about much needed change throughout our history and has prevented many disasters that could have proved harmful to our nation. This freedom also requires a personal responsibility as it is exercised and it is there that this new crop of , "Angry American's," have not only wavered from the Founders intent but are abusing this freedom and hurting the very nation that provides their platform.

Though the list is long and those who are in the ranks of this form of, "Angry American, " seem to grow daily several immediately come to mind.

Cindy Sheehan - Though she has the right and privilege as an American to protest a war she does not agree with she has crossed this line of personal responsibility in her speech when she constantly calls enemies who have killed and continue seeking to kill Americans , "freedom fighters." She blames The United States for their plight and sympathies with their hatred for America. She claims to support our troops while vilifying their actions and accusing them of abusing those captured in battle. This is not patriotism but a hatred for America and seeking to blame this nation for Islamic radicals whose only cause is to kill and destroy anyone that does not believe as they do.

Professor Ward Chamberlin - His abuse of his free speech and anger at America has given him cause to claim that America received what she deserved on September 11. He has referred to the thousands of precious souls lost in the World Trade Center as, "little Eichmanns, " in reference to Nazi SS Leader and manager of Jewish deportation to death camps Adolph Eichmann. Chamberlin is but one example of a rash of , "educators, " who are using their charge as teachers of our nations youth as a platform to indoctrinate them with an ideology that America is an unjust nation and the cause of suffering and trouble throughout the world.

Al Gore - While this former Vice President is not as blatant in his hate America rhetoric as others he too is using his, "Angry American, " speech platform as an opportunity to accuse The United States of causing the destruction of the world. Citing our industrial might and the fact that we have more vehicles on the road that any other nation on earth as well as a host of other similar examples, Gore is touring the world with his global warming fantasies of man made destruction with The United States as the main culprit.

Ted Turner - Turner's form of , "Angry American, " can encompass many examples but one stands out above the rest. In his speech delivered before Congress shortly after the attacks of 9/11 President Bush stated that, "you are either with us or with the terrorists, " in reference to aggressively finding and eliminating terrorist groups and the states that sponsor them. Turner in an recent interview stated that he had a problem with that call by the President, because he was not sure which side he was on. He is also on record as stating that the 9/11 terrorist were, "very brave at the least."

CNN - While this news network founded by Ted Turner has many correspondents from other countries than America, the network itself is American and has as it prominent news personalities Americans. Their anger is evident in most of their reporting as it is decidedly slanted against the United States. Many examples from CNN's past have shown that their personnel while citizens of the United States value news reporting over loyalty to country since even as far back as the first Gulf War Bernard Shaw was debriefed by US commanders about what he witnessed in Baghdad as a reporter and refused any information citing that he was a journalist and did not give information to either side. They have displayed a disgust for American forces as they,"in the interest of fairness, " solicited and aired a propaganda video of terrorist killing and dragging US soldiers in the streets making only comments of how clearly one can see the dead troops. CNN is not alone as an American news agency in its blatant hate America reporting.

While this list of the new crop of , "Angry American's, " whose hatred for America is readily displayed through their free speech platform of America being the cause of the worlds woes, could go on almost endlessly, it is a sad statement of where this nation seems to be heading. Our unity even through troubled times in our love of country and our belief in the founding principles and freedoms that are only offered in this land have been a force that has allowed us to grow as a nation and to become the light of liberty to the world as well as the most powerful nation on earth. Abraham Lincoln once stated, " At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." Is this form of, "Angry American, " one of the, authors and finishers, that Lincoln referred to ? Calvin Coolidge once stated, "Patriotism is easy to understand in America - it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country. " Hating America and expressing that hatred through the exercising of free speech is far from patriotism. It is a form of dissention that does not accept responsibility for its result nor understand the danger that it creates as it emboldens our enemies. In the familiar words from the beautiful song of American patriotism, "God Bless America, " I offer this stanza that was composed as a prayer within the song as a reminder to our allegiance to this nation that we love, " stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above." GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Ken Taylor


Blogger RoxieAmerica said...

I hate to burst Cindy Sheena's bubble, but those killing American's are Islamic revolutionaries. They hate Ameica. They believe in a theocratic Islamic government, not a democracy.

CNN - I believe Cafferty, Blitzer and Dobbs are the axis of media evil. They openly advocated Americans vote out ALL incumbants in the last election, so they were using their media power to advocate an overthrow of the nation. I believe that is stepping over the journalism line.

I summed the current Capitol Hill enviroment as Global Cooling:

It’s Winter on Capitol Hill
By: RoxieAmerica

It's winter on Capitol Hill
For America a bitter pill
Partisan hate openly worn
In the 100 hour winter storm

Pledging allegiance with cold partisan hands
Selling the shame for which it stands
One frozen nation, terrorism facing
White flag embracing

Dark and dreary winter skies
Partisan waves of pain
Without a plan on which to embark
Attacking the President with every remark

6:24 PM, January 14, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

LOL! I would love to burst something of Sheehans, and not necessarily her bubble!

Great post, Ken. I'm an Angry American and I think we need to take that discription back. We have far more reason to be angry and some of those reasons are the actions of the people you listed!

1:03 PM, January 16, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

They are only Americans by birth, not by temperament, political belief nor charactar.

8:11 PM, January 16, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

The only good thing about an Islamic takeover would be Cindy Sheewitch covered head to toe in a Burka with only a slit for her eyes.

And of course she would not be permitted to speak.

8:12 PM, January 16, 2007  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'm an Angry American and I think we need to take that discription back.

Actually, Gayle, I prefer those on the left to have the reputation of "anger". I know where you are coming from; but from a political standpoint, it's a lot nicer to see those on the left characterized as angry and unhinged. I don't think politicians run well, when fueled by an angry campaign. It's negativity that turns many voters off. I think the Michael Savage conservatives do much harm to the conservative movement by always bitchin' and whining their anger, 24-7.

3:50 PM, January 17, 2007  
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