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Sunday, June 04, 2006


What is happening in the United States Congress? Both the House and the Senate have come completely ineffective and are so disconnected with the people that it has become obvious that the citizens of the nation have no true representation in Washington. This disconnect is not confined to one party, it crosses all political boundaries and ideologies and unfortunately seems to effect the majority of those elected to Congress regardless of party affiliation. In recent weeks it has taken on the appearance of lunacy and pandemonium with the disconnect from the American public. The Senate has passed an immigration bill that not only ignores the will of the people but will allow untold millions in this country over the next 20 years and the bill is UNCONSTITUTIONAL ! The bill calls for the levying of taxes to illegals as part of their amnesty program and the Constitution clearly states in Article I, Section 7, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives." The Senate according to the Constitution cannot legislate any bill pertaining to the raising of revenue yet that is exactly what they have done. The House has its problems also. Congressman Jefferson, (D, LA) is under investigation for taking bribes and corruption. The FBI with a legal warrant raided his office where they were tipped that he was hiding evidence. Did the House members stand by this legal raid ? Absolutely not ! Instead they collectively expressed their anger about a member of Congress having his office searched by the FBI. I thought that in this country no one regardless of their stature was above the law. Yet according to House members including the Speaker, when it comes to their own they rally around protecting a fellow Congressman rather than seeing that justice is accomplished. These are but two examples of the total disconnect that all of Congress has with the American people and with the reality that this nation is governed by the will of the people. The atmosphere inside of the Washington beltway has isolated Congress to the point that even when confronted with the voice of the people that they supposedly represent they ignore our pleas and continue with business as usual acting as though they know better what is best for the nation than we the people. This is not what this country was founded on and it is certainly not what the framers expressed in the Constitution. The very introduction of this greatest of documents attests to the fact that the people of the United States are her voice and those who govern are answerable to the people and not to special interest groups, political hacks and financial backers whether corporate or Political Action Committees, (PACS) or even the 527's that were created in direct response to legislation, (the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Bill), that also went against the will of the people. What happened to the ideology and principles that made this country great and used to be expressed by our elected officials ?

I was watching, "Mr Smith Goes to Washington, " last night, the great Frank Capra film staring Jimmy Stewart as a simple man who believed in the very principles and values that this nation was founded upon and because of his belief was elected to the Senate to serve with a long standing Senator from his state who was a family friend and whom Jefferson Smith, (Stewart), idolized from childhood because he believed that this Senator stood for Smith's values. After serving in the Senate for a time he realized that this Senator and many others were controlled by political machines, (similar to today's PAC groups), that manipulate legislation to their financial advantage. When Smith stands up for American principles against the machine that runs his state, with the help of the Senator that Smith idolized the machine with false charges attempts to destroy Jefferson Smith and to turn public opinion against him. Smith stands before the Senate in a true filibuster and expresses the truth and the principles that this nation was founded upon which at the end of the movie finally effects the conscience of the Senator from his state that falsely accused Smith into revealing the truth. I realize that this is just a movie but the massage of this film is powerful. The principles that this nation was founded upon are what keep this land that we love free and the shining beacon of liberty to the world.

When the world views the Congress of the United States today, one has to wonder if the light of liberty is dimmed to the world because of the disconnect with the people of the country. I know that the people of this nation are questioning whether those principles mean anything to those that we have elected, for by their actions it would seem not. President Abraham Lincoln once said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Is this what we are witnessing because of the actions of the Congress? Do the principles and the values that this nation was founded upon still truly exist ? Yes they do. Many of those principles are expressed daily throughout the blogosphere as we who write express what we believe and know is the true meaning of being an American and the principles for which this nation stands. It is also found in the lives and dedication expressed through service by the brave men and women who wear the uniforms of freedom in the United States military. The founding principles of this nation are also found in the hearts and minds of the voters who through their vote express to this disconnected Congress that we the people still are the voice which governs this nation. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and yes Abraham Lincoln still exist within the hearts of we the people who still believe that the blessings of freedom and liberty are not expressed by the oppression of government and the disconnect of elected officials but by the will of the citizens who live and work in the nation, "of the people, by the people and for the people." We are still the voice of this nation and we are still the conscience of the liberties for which it stands. I will end this commentary with yet another quote from Lincoln for it is most appropriate in its expression. "Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Ken Taylor


Blogger Poison Pero said...

Considering the moral degenerates we have running our Congress how can we have anything other than a "perversion of the Constitution."

This is what happens when "the people" become apathetic......They get pathetic leadership.

12:46 AM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Good thing Frist has called for a debate and vote on gay marriage in the Senate. That is such a pressing problem in America. Forget about Iraq, Iran, Illegals, the deficit, the debt, North Korea, etc. Bashing gays will solve all of our other issues.

What an unbelievable waste of time - it is pure pandering at its worst.

10:33 AM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Regardless of party this Congress is so out of touch with the people that it is pitiful. They are all to busy looking inside the beltway to look beyond it to see what the people are demanding. Both parties are guilty of ignoring the electorate and that is what makes the primaries so much more important this year than others. Time for some new faces on both side of the isle that will actually listen to the voice of the nation. This disconnect has been building for more than 30 years and is now coming to a head because of the immigration issue.


3:52 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

You may be right, except that it is hard to tell where the Dems are. They do not have any way of pushing an agenda. Republicans are in charge of Congress so they control the agenda. If they wanted to call hearings and do something on any issue they could - they just have fallen in love with spending and power.

At least the Senate will get off of the gay bashing next week and debate Iraq, health care, and the economy. Oh, wait I am sorry, Frist has called for debate on flag burning. I know how important stopping flag burning is to the American people. I cannot drive more than half a mile without seeing American flags being burned. Thank you Bill Frist for "helping."

6:45 PM, June 05, 2006  
Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

OK-if we follow the premise that Congress is out of control, then let's target the real issue - voters who continue to send these people to Congress. Now in the case of your piece, it's evident that statescraft is lost on most everyone in the House of Reprehensibles. What's more of a shame is that most in the Senate would not have the right to polish Moynihan's shoes if he were alive today.

So the issues you list, while manifold in their complexity, come down to two points: todays crop of legislators go to Washington to be someone as opposed to doing something (like not spend money like Spring Breakers at nickle beer night at Penrods (man, I'm dating myself)), and voters keep sending the same fruitcakes to DC election after election.

Great piece and sorry for not visitng in such a long time!

10:28 AM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

What do you want them to debate in regards to Iraq? I am guessing more time to bash the president and republicans. The debate of illegal aliens has been going on and has resulted in varying bills. Iran at this time is of concern to the President and State Department, congress has plenty of talk time on the news to give their opinions.

I don’t know if you realize this but debating a certain topic is not, in and of itself, a solution. Before they spend time debating all the topics you want I’d like some unity on the left as to what their solution is. Then try to get there. Just yelling back and forth on the floor of the senate does not fix anything.

Why do you think that only the left knows what is important to debate? You may think we are wrong, but I happen to think the debate over gay marriage is important. And I don't see it as gay bashing. I believe in civil unions, but excuse me for wanting to protect a timeless tradition. Gays demanding marriage is in no way more valid than those who do not want it.

Also, I sure as hell think it is important to debate the burning of the flag. Maybe I am the only person, but it is important to me. Thanks for letting me know my concerns are not of ANY concern to you.

PS – I can drive around town and I see people getting health care and the economy is going pretty well, businesses have their doors open. So if taking a drive means things don’t need to come up in congress you can cross off your healthcare and economy issues.

10:21 PM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Here are some simple debate items:
1. Iraq - how about some real solutions. "Freedom is on the March" is not a plan.
2. Iran - bribing the Iranians and begging them to stop enrichment is not much of a plan.
3. Illegals - work in conference with the House and get something done.
4. Deficit/Debt - eliminate earmarks and work on cutting spending.

Nearly 50 million Americans are without healthcare. About 40 million live under the poverty line. The percentages of Americans without healthcare and below the poverty line have risen under Bush. The Bush tax cuts do nothing for people making less than $100,000. Wages are stagnant and inflation is rising. The economy is slowing. These are issues that affect every American.

You have the thanks of tens of millions of Americans for letting them know that their "concerns are not of ANY concern to you."

I have never personally seen a flag burned. MDCons - You must live in a pretty awful neighborhood if you are actually seeing flags being burned. I am curious, are you against flag t-shirts, flag bandanas, flag bikinis, etc.? Is sweating on images of the flag that are sold for commercial gain a problem for you? Where should we draw the line on defacing flags?

2:59 AM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

Spare me on the lectures of the flag code Rob. I do not buy American flag napkins, t-shirts, or use the flag for advertising purposes, etc.

I do not like it when the athletes at the Olympics grab a flag and wrap it around them. The US flag at my homes is always on display, and lit at night. It never touches the ground.

You can try to nail me on other topics, but the flag is very important to me, and I go by the flag code. If it were up to me it would in deed be enforced as criminal law.

As for the Government "fixing" the economy. This is capitalism not socialism.

On Iran, I don't think it is bribing them, obviously any diplomacy under this administration is bribing people, huh? But I agree, I am glad to know that we agree answering to Iran is not the solution and that you are behind military action to stop their nuclear program. Or do you want to, as most of the left does, give up our rights to the UN to handle things? While you are at it why don’t you complain to the UN about helping poverty in the US, they get plenty of money from us!

Illegal’s, of course the tough house is wrong and the lagging senate is right. How about this, you liberals shut up about the border and let it be nailed shut. Then I will be ok with any illegal’s with no criminal history working towards staying here.

I am rich, not from my job but from my family. My job far underpays. I don’t believe taking money from that paycheck is how to answer the problems in society, including poverty. I give in large donations to charities that help people pick themselves up. I think that is the best way to go about it. Or how about halting the billions of dollars in aide given to the world from our taxes, spend it here first. Yes, I am a terrible person I want to spend the US money on people in the US before helping out other countries.

12:42 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

I agree with you, let's get out of Iraq and stop spending $100 billion a year helping them build a democracy - that money could go toward rebuilding the still devastated Gulf Coast.

Iran - the Bush package is pathetic. It gives Iran a nuclear reactor AND allows Iran to continue uranium enrichment after a period of suspension. I told you that we were nowhere near a military strike (which is just stupid given geopolitical realities that I have discussed before), but I am also not for giving away the farm. Essentially, the deal that is on the table is a giveaway to Iran and a reward for their defiance.

Bush and the Republicans in the Senate are for amnesty - save your complaints for them, they are in charge and could actually do something about it.

I saw your post on Fran O'Brien's. The Hilton decision is capitalism - why are you complaining about it given your propensity to espouse the benefits of capitalism? Oh yeah, you are a government employee that is paid by our taxes.

10:40 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

“…that money could go toward rebuilding the still devastated Gulf Coast.”
- A certain amount of aid needs to go to the gulf but I could not be more AGAINST rebuilding parts of New Orleans that will just at some point in the future be destroyed again. Which if you want to believe Gore will be very soon. I would be more for spending money studying global warming (a natural cycle of the globe) than rebuilding all the levees.

“Essentially, the deal that is on the table is a giveaway to Iran and a reward for their defiance.”
- I would say the hand was played well, knowing Iran would not take the deal. Now it is reported the enrichment has been reinstated. Which will now result in nothing left for Iran to bitch about. They have defied us and the world and are now backed into a corner. That does not mean everything will prove easy now. But like you said, there was a gift ready for Iran. They said FU.

“Bush and the Republicans in the Senate are for amnesty - save your complaints for them, they are in charge and could actually do something about it.”
- I cannot directly assail the CINC, but otherwise I agree with you. The senate is pathetic.

“I saw your post on Fran O'Brien's. The Hilton decision is capitalism - why are you complaining about it given your propensity to espouse the benefits of capitalism? Oh yeah, you are a government employee that is paid by our taxes.”
- I didn’t call for laws to force the Hilton to reinstate the lease, I think it is disgraceful and a pathetic move on their part. I will never stay at another Hilton. Capitalism does not mean requiring a company to do something, but at the same time does not mean it is above criticism. That is all I was and will continue to do. Thank you for your money.

2:30 PM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

The Gulf damage goes well beyond New Orleans.

Iran still has "weeks" to decide according to Bush. That gives them even more time to pressure Bush into sweetening the deal.

Capitalism is what it is. Complain and criticize all you want (that is your right) but the only goal of capitalism is profit and maximizing shareholder value. There is no place for social good and fairness in pure capitalism.

4:09 PM, June 09, 2006  
Anonymous Jasper said...

One question? What about Pakistan, China and Russia? They all have nuclear weapons and (possibly) so does North Korea. They are all nations who are not very democratic and free at all. They are in the long term an as large threat to world security as Iran. What if a coup in Pakistan overthrows the Musharraf regime and gives wmd's to islamic extremists? Or if Taiwan decides to declare independence (something the US and the rest of the world will support I hope) and China 'intervenes'. North Korea is far more secretive and dangerous than Iran in my view, it has hundreds of missiles pointed at the South Korean capital Seoul! And besides even if Iran gets all the equipment and enrichment it needs to develop a weapon, (which could take a very long time, a bomb within 5 years, is, I think, overexaggerated) using a nuclear weapon would constitute to suicide. Retaliation would follow swiftly from the US and Israel. I agree that the Iran government is mad, radical and should be removed, but is it suicidal? I haven't yet found an answer to that question.

6:04 PM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger MDConservative said...

I realize the damage goes far beyond NO. I think things need to be rebuilt, BUT things like the levees will cost a helluva lot more than roads and other infrastructure to the rest of the coast. I think it is a poor investment that will just be absorbed by nature again. It has nothing to do with the people there. NO has been concerned with the fact that they have been literally sinking for YEARS. I think it is dumb and a waste to rebuild certain parts.

As for Iran, I disagree with you and we will just have to wait and see. Considering such a large portion of the world is against Iran in this case I think they have less power to pressure than you think.

While on paper you may be correct, I just point to the case you brought up. O’Brien’s was a business that did some social good, no? It depends on the business and CEO or boss of said business on how much they “give back to society.” Yes, there are the Enron’s that seem to enjoy bending people over. However, there are others that do “good.” I agree with you, that percentage is very low. It is a shame.

For your timeline, look at how fast we were able to develop the first bomb… no notes or anything. If they have money they can purchase scientists with previous knowledge to work for them. Buy material on the black market, plans. I am not saying they will have it tomorrow, but they have much to go off of. In addition they are purchasing missiles from other countries for delivery systems. If they want to use it I don’t think they will test it in the desert like we did, they will “test” it on Israel. And I happen to think the leadership is suicidal. Just my opinion. They may believe their duty is to destroy Israel and in doing so Allah will protect them from the rest of the world.

3:20 PM, June 10, 2006  
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