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Thursday, July 01, 2010


We have listened to Barack Obama claim for more than two months that he has everything under control in the Gulf of Mexico. He has stated numerous times that everything that can be done is being done. Yet 73 days into the disaster and ONLY after the heat from even those on the left became to hot in The White House kitchen did Obama the reactionary in chief FINALLY accept help from countries who have been offering since the beginning.

I have stated before that I truly believe that Obama is intentionally dragging his feet in the clean up operations in order to intensify the anger against, "big oil," as a political move to pass cap and trade and destroy the oil industry so that his green energy initiative can become front and center starving our Nation of much needed oil. At every opportunity where the federal government has failed to respond, Gulf States have been acting of their own accord only to be constantly disrupted by federal agencies who are acting on political agendas.

In the following video even Bill Clinton who I have seldom agreed with understands the priorities and the succession of those priorities unlike Obama who has everything backwards. Listen to Clinton's sound advice on how to tackle the disaster.

Notice the stressing of priorities which are polar opposite of the direction taken by Obama in handling the disaster. First stop the leak by any and all means necessary including blowing up the well. Second stem oil from reaching the shore, third minimize the damage and THEN AND ONLY THEN find out who is to blame whether BP, government agencies or both.

Clinton also understands that BP is doing all that is within their power to stop the leak and once again offers sound advice, get off BP's back and let them do their job! Obama is approaching the disaster completely the opposite of Clinton's advice. He has been going after BP at every opportunity including calling them on the carpet from the beginning.

Obama has resisted until the pressure became more than he could deny any assistance to help in the Gulf from hundreds of offers by dozens of countries. He has stalled equipment from getting to the Gulf and STILL has not waived the Jones Act which would allow foreign flagged ships to sail in our territorial waters and skim the oil from the surface. His FIRST priority has been to place blame and seek legal solutions rather than cleaning up the disaster.

The next video shows the devastating results of Obama's slow failed response. The pictures tell the story. I do caution as you watch that some of the commentary by the creator of the video does lean very much to the enviro left which I also consider part of the problem which created this disaster. Their lobbying over the decades forced oil companies to have to drill at depths which everyone knew were impossible to handle in the case of a broken and/or leaking well.

That said the sheer magnitude of the spill comes to light in ways that are not seen on news shows and the damage to the Gulf that may take years to repair. Note about half way through the video, the commentary does ask the question, where are the ships that can suck the oil from the surface. Well that answer is simple. Just ask Barack Obama and let him explain why he refuses to accept assistance of shipping that can suck the oil from the surface and why he refuses to, with a simple stroke of his pen waive the Jones Act and get everything needed to the Gulf to keep this vital sea from dying. Failure seems to be Obama's only course and his chosen option.

Ken Taylor


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