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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


He has quickly become known as the TelePrompter President and yesterday was one of the best examples of the lack of ability by Barack Obama to be able to speak without coaching or a prepared speech right before his eyes.

Knowing what he had already said, Obama still begins repeating himself then tells his buddy the TelePromter that he had already introduced the people he was repeating and to advance forward.

He seems to run his adminstration in a similar manner. The end of the first 100 days are upon us and he is still as lost and in very many ways as out of touch as he was the day he took office.

While his approval numbers are average for a President at this point, what he has done is not playing as well. Nearly 60% of the American people believe the country is going in the wrong direction. More than 60% think that government is getting to involved in business and that Capitalism not government intervention is the better way to handle the economy.

Concerning the release of the CIA memos and the continuing flak about seeking an investigation into intelligence gathering and the techniques used during the Bush administration, 78% of Americans believe it is wrong to continue the witch hunt and that it was equally as wrong to release the memos.

Actions by his administration are showing that Obama and his staff are comletely out of touch with the people. Nearly 60% of Americans are against the soft stance that Obama is taking against terrorism and dislike the fact that terrosim is no longer a word allowed in description of the war, acts of murder by Islamic fascists and in reference to the killers themselves.

The lack of sensitivity to this was evidenced by the wreckless photo op of the back up Air Force One jet and the totally irresponsible fly over of New York City without public notice causing the evecuation of several buildings in downtown and panic by thousands who still vividly remember 9/11.

While a member of the Obama staff has taken the blame for the stupidity of this incident, the approval for the flyover because of the use of a Presidential jet came from only one person and that is Obama himself. He may not have known the excat time when it would take place but the fact that it was approved in the first place shows how out of touch he is with the true feelings and concern that Americans still have with terrorism and the events of 9/11.

It will not be long before the numbers in his approval ratings begin matching the numbers against his actions and policy. The glimmer of the rock star is starting to tarnish as Americans are beginning to wake up to what Obama is doing , how inexperienced he truly is and the wrong direction he is taking this Nation.

Ken Taylor


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