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Thursday, November 06, 2008


He asked for it for more than 20 months. He campaigned with a flair that few have seen in politics. He managed to win an election and keep much of his past in secrecy, a hard task in today's political climate. He has on his side something that few President's ever have. A media that is predominately in his court and not trying to dig up dirt or even scrutinize his policy.

Obama has also broken a ceiling that has been used as an excuse for lack of success in this country for many years. As the first black President, achieving the highest goal in our Nation, race is no longer an excuse for not achieving or succeeding in this country. Yes there are still those who are racist. Obama's election does not completely eliminate racism in people. But anyone who believes that just because of their color, whatever that color is, prevents them from succeeding need only point to the White House and say that if he can achieve and succeed then I can to. Obama has proven that race is not an obstacle if one wants something enough to achieve it in this land of the free.

Now that he has achieved the Presidency it is now time to govern. He stated throughout his campaign that he would be a President who would reach across the isle to bring this Nation politically together yet his first executive decision, selecting a Vice President, was a very partisan selection of a Washington insider who has a history of voting right down party lines.

His second executive decision is not only as partisan but a selection that has some in his own party shaking their heads because of the hard core reputation of Obama's selection for Chief of Staff, the most powerful position in the White House. Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, is best known according to the LA Times, "as something of a Democratic political assassin. "

The Times continues, "Emanuel has relentlessly attacked his foes and gone ruthlessly after anyone who stood in his way." This does not sound like the type of guy who will bring people together as Obama pledged in his campaign but rather create strong partisanship and political fighting. Emanuel is well known as hot tempered and having a hatred of Republicans. So much for reaching across the isle.

Other speculation is suggesting that John Kerry may be tapped for Secretary of State. While I am not a Kerry fan his selection for State may have its advantages. This guy is one of the most monotone and dull speakers in history. Picture Kerry sitting across from any head of state and after half an hour of Kerry monotones, anyone will cry, "stop, stop, OK, whatever you want but please just shut up you are boring me to tears! "

Over the past nearly two years Barack Obama has talked a game that promises the world with details that cause fear in many because of their Socialistic approach. His election sparked what the AP called a reaction, " of concern over an Obama administration," on Wall Street as the Dow had its largest post election drop in history. Investors are selling in anticipation of Obama Capital Gains Tax hikes.

The question still has yet to be answered as to whether Obama will govern from the middle in order to keep Pelosi and Reid in check now that they have larger majorities in Congress. Or if he will lead the band in taking this still center right Nation to the far left with liberal/Socialist policies that were highly contested during the course of the campaign., Income redistribution, tax welfare, huge entitlements and a foreign policy of appeasement. His campaign for the Presidency suggests that the later will be the case.

Maybe his next selection of a cabinet position should be George Soros as Secretary of the Treasury. After all with a proposed one trillion dollars in new spending with only the call to end US presence in Iraq as the only spending cut, after increased taxes are not able to foot the bill maybe as Secretary of the Treasury Obama could ask Soros for a loan to pay for his programs.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

The reason the market is collapsing is not because there is going to be a 5% change in the capital gains tax rate. That is absolutely ridiculous.

The reason the Dow is crashing is because more and more economic data is showing that we are in a recession and the evidence is pointing to a longer and deeper recession than first feared.

On top of that, you have companies reporting third quarter results that are disappointing and virtually every company is knocking down their projections for the next year.

Obama is going to govern as a centrist. The whole socialism thing is nonsensical coming on the heels of the Bush administration nationalization of the banks, the insurance industry, and mortgage industry.

Obama's economic team is made up of great folks like Warren Buffett. To think that Buffett would support a socialist is laughable. In the end, Obama is going to be a fiscal pragmatist and work to get the $1 trillion 2009 budget deficit and $11 trillion national debt (including $3 trillion owed to foreigners) that Bush is leaving behind under control.

Just as Clinton cleaned up the mess left by Bush Sr., Obama is going to clean up the even larger mess left by W.

1:35 PM, November 06, 2008  
Blogger A. Truman North said...

Format's hard to read. Too much good stuff not to make it more reader-friendly.

4:01 AM, November 07, 2008  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

As to the title of your post: No kidding.

4:06 PM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...

Ken, redistribution is in the plan just as it has been said for months. Don't let those who are intentionally obstinate derail your hue and cry.

The headline from today's press conference was Obama states that his plan is a "net" tax cut. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what that means.

This isn't the end of democracy. We lived through the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the Great society, Carter, and eight years of Clinton. We can make four years of Obama, IF the conservative base can reclaim the party. That is my theme for the next four years.

Drop by my place...big announcement tomorrow about lunchtime.

9:39 PM, November 07, 2008  
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