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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


One has to wonder with the actions that are being taken in Congress and the arrogant, "diplomacy, " being displayed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi how the following question would be answered by Democrat members of both the House and Senate.

The President of The United States is:

1. George W. Bush

2. Harry Reid

3. Nancy Pelosi

4. All of the above

Judging by legislation that is pending for Committee with the military appropriations bill and the current, "diplomatic, " trip by Nancy Pelosi the answer by Democrats to the above question would be, " 4. all of the above."

While they publicly state in their constant accusations against the President that Bush is in the White House and performs the responsibilities of President, they legislate and act as if Congress and the Congressional leaders are Commander in Chief and Secretary of State.

Nancy Pelosi in her show trip to Damascus to meet with Assad is in every sense of the word usurping the President and the State Department making a State visit to this rogue regime and it terrorist President.

While several other members of Congress and even lesser State Department officials have made trips to Damascus because of her position as Speaker this visit is considered by Damascus as an official State visit and as such her talks are expressing United States foreign policy in the eyes of Assad. Which is just the opposite of official US policy toward this regime as establish by the duly elected foreign policy maker President George W. Bush and the department within the Executive Branch of Government that expresses foreign policy to the world The State Department and its top diplomat Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

This arrogant move by Pelosi against requests by the White House sends a conflicting message to Assad since, because of Syria's ties to terrorism through Hezbollah and their support of terrorist activities in Iraq which has RESULTED IN THE DEATHS OF OUR SOLDIERS, the President has stopped official diplomatic dialogue with Assad as a result. Now Pelosi throws all of this out the window by making an unauthorized visit to Assad to create her own foreign policy, violating the Constitutional provision of Separation of Powers.

Many Speakers have made State visits to countries in the past and Pelosi has that privilege as Speaker. The difference with this visit is that past Speakers cleared their visits with the White House and the State Department to follow official protocol and not send any message that conflicts with official US policy. It is obvious that Pelosi not only does not care about sending mixed signals but sees it as her responsibility to reshape US foreign policy in accordance to her own agenda and usurp the Constitutional authority of the President.

A second violation of the Separation of Powers as stated in the Constitution is the arrogant move by Congress to micromanage the war through the setting of time lines in the much talked about military appropriations bill that is waiting Committee meetings to come to a joint compromise between House and Senate versions then sent to the President who has promised a VETO.

The responsibility for deployment and military strategy is Constitutionally that of the Commander in Chief who is the President. This unconstitutional bill violates that authority by seeking Congressional control of both deployment and strategy. While Congress does have the authority to provide funding or to pull funding for any military action they DO NOT have any Constitutional authority to dictate to the President through appropriations legislation how the military is to be used or deployed in service to this country.

The arrogance and power grab by the Speaker, Senate Majority leader and Democrats in the Congress is a dangerous precedence to take in placing a Constitutional crises before this country. Constitutional authority is well defined for both branches and Congress and its Democrat Leaders are crossing Constitutional barriers created to prevent any one Branch of the government from becoming a dictatorial entity within the government of the United States. They are eliminating the very check and balance system that has made this country the envy of the world and protected our freedoms from being trampled on throughout our history.

While this move by Pelosi, Reid and Congressional Democrats is short of a coupe it is a definite power grab being executed by a power lust that violates the Constitution and shakes the very foundation of our Republic.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Seeing Nancy Pelosi in headress and visiting with Syria's Assad, reminds me why I dont vote Democrat.

Pelosi is in la la land and think's she is the President. There is NO doubt.

Like you stated she is causing a conflict the likes of which has NEVER been seen before out of a speaker of the House. She is out of control and running amuck willy nilly.

This is nothing more than appeasement of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

12:44 PM, April 04, 2007  
Anonymous Seth said...

Spot-on analysis as usual, Ken.

I'm sure that Pelosi's little adventure is getting a lot of idolizing fanfare back in San Francisco, where neither the Constitution nor G-d still "hang their hats".

Of course, how it resonates with the majority of the American people will be much more significant. The MSM will do what they normally do in the event of liberal outrages, that is spin it and editorialize it into the acceptability column, but thinking Americans will see this as the act of partisan political grandstanding it really is.

There seem to be a considerable number of Democrats in the House who are more moderate than Pelosi -- these are the ones whose votes she has to buy or bully. Her political agendas could easily become "too rich for their blood" and this could eventually reduce her status to the "sit down and shut up" category in which it belongs.

Marie, I agree 100%. Pelosi is like some bonehead who gets promoted to branch manager and mistakes the new position for CEO.

1:39 PM, April 04, 2007  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

One distrubing point to consider is the vulnerablity that this presents to the security of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi is the thrid in line to the Presidency of the United States and is the Speaker of the House or Representatives, potentially the most important legislative position in the world. Aside from the fact that she could be killed during this trip to a rouge terrorist state, there is the potential that she could be captured. We have recently seen a grab of British military personell by another rouge nation. If Hamas elements inside the Syrian government could pull off a grab of the Unites States Speaker of the House, they would have us in a very compromising position. Not only would it be an enormous political coup, it would also endanger the saftey and security of the nation due to the level of privellidged information that the Speaker has access to.

Some may argue that Syria would not dare attempt to do such a thing, but remember elements in Afghanistan attempted to eliminate the Vice President of this country. Attempting to grab the Speaker of the House is not a far distant thing. I think Speaker Pelosi places herself and this nation in grave danger by her witless posturing and her selfish partisan agenda. I also think that under the Constituion of the United States of America, this could be considered providing aid and comfort to our enemies.

There is a very fine line between a politically engaged Congress and actively undermining the policies of this nations. Foreign relations are the responsibility of the State Department and the Executive branch exclusively. The Congress, in no way should be representing our foreign policy to any other nation, but specifically not one who we have declared as an Axis of Evil, terrorist sponsoring, rouge state.

2:09 PM, April 04, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

You guys must be really insecure about your president.

And, btw - you don't let the people who screwed you in the first place, the opportunity to be the ones who fix what they broke. This is a lesson one usually learns in kindergarten.

7:27 PM, April 04, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Piss off Mudcat,

Pelosi is Speaker of the House nothing more.

So now you are blameing President Bush for the relationship we have with Syria and Iran?

You better catch up with history, because we havent had relations with Iran since your good buddy Jimmy Carter was in office in 1979 over our own Hostage Crisis, and Syria has been a state sponsor of terrorism for years and last I knew, WE DONT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!

Before you open your mud filled mouth how about getting your facts straight first?

10:08 PM, April 04, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Marie - you act as if history started in '79 - hip yourself lady.

Nor did history start on 9/11.

10:49 PM, April 04, 2007  
Blogger Obob said...

the world did change on 9/11. I would like to visit your website or blog mudkitty. You may prey on mine, please, devour me with your wit and prose.

11:57 PM, April 04, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

Good morning, Ken! :)

Pelosi is indeed out of control. She's overstepped her boundaries and is a complete and utter menace to this country. I consider her a traitor.

10:25 AM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Gayle said...

Good morning, Ken! :)

Pelosi is indeed out of control. She's overstepped her boundaries and is a complete and utter menace to this country. I consider her a traitor.

10:25 AM, April 05, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Well, it sure aint Bush. Nor should it be. The U.S. Constitution gives congress the power to curtail an executive run amok.


"Oversteppt her boundaries..." This is still America, Gayle. A woman can still travel where she wants, and even wear a scarf in church, if that's what she wants - even a powerful woman, although, maybe to Gayle the words power and woman don't go her mind anyway.


Obob - will check your site out...perhaps you will consent to an interview. Also KT - I would like to interview you as well.

12:10 PM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


She is on the verge of launching World War III over there. Now she has the Israelies pissed because she gave the Syrians a message that was never given to her by Israel to give.

Nancy is running around as if she is the President and she is going to get us all in a world of hurt.

She needs to get the hell out of there before something truly drastic happens!!

1:07 PM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Today's Washington Post:

Pratfall in Damascus
Nancy Pelosi's foolish shuttle diplomacy

Thursday, April 5, 2007; Page A16

HOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered an excellent demonstration yesterday of why members of Congress should not attempt to supplant the secretary of state when traveling abroad. After a meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Ms. Pelosi announced that she had delivered a message from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that "Israel was ready to engage in peace talks" with Syria. What's more, she added, Mr. Assad was ready to "resume the peace process" as well. Having announced this seeming diplomatic breakthrough, Ms. Pelosi suggested that her Kissingerian shuttle diplomacy was just getting started. "We expressed our interest in using our good offices in promoting peace between Israel and Syria," she said.

Only one problem: The Israeli prime minister entrusted Ms. Pelosi with no such message. "What was communicated to the U.S. House Speaker does not contain any change in the policies of Israel," said a statement quickly issued by the prime minister's office. In fact, Mr. Olmert told Ms. Pelosi that "a number of Senate and House members who recently visited Damascus received the impression that despite the declarations of Bashar Assad, there is no change in the position of his country regarding a possible peace process with Israel." In other words, Ms. Pelosi not only misrepresented Israel's position but was virtually alone in failing to discern that Mr. Assad's words were mere propaganda.

Ms. Pelosi was criticized by President Bush for visiting Damascus at a time when the administration -- rightly or wrongly -- has frozen high-level contacts with Syria. Mr. Bush said that thanks to the speaker's freelancing Mr. Assad was getting mixed messages from the United States. Ms. Pelosi responded by pointing out that Republican congressmen had visited Syria without drawing presidential censure. That's true enough -- but those other congressmen didn't try to introduce a new U.S. diplomatic initiative in the Middle East. "We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace," Ms. Pelosi grandly declared.

Never mind that that statement is ludicrous: As any diplomat with knowledge of the region could have told Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Assad is a corrupt thug whose overriding priority at the moment is not peace with Israel but heading off U.N. charges that he orchestrated the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. The really striking development here is the attempt by a Democratic congressional leader to substitute her own foreign policy for that of a sitting Republican president. Two weeks ago Ms. Pelosi rammed legislation through the House of Representatives that would strip Mr. Bush of his authority as commander in chief to manage troop movements in Iraq. Now she is attempting to introduce a new Middle East policy that directly conflicts with that of the president. We have found much to criticize in Mr. Bush's military strategy and regional diplomacy. But Ms. Pelosi's attempt to establish a shadow presidency is not only counterproductive, it is foolish.

1:38 PM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Toad734 said...

Now I know you and Bush wouldn't agree but this isn't a dictatorship. Although Bush said it would be easier being a dictator he is not one. The people have a voice and they have spoken.

Don't get me wrong Bush has done a bang up job in Capturing Bin Laden, Accomplishing the mission in Iraq and making America a favorite around the world.

4:07 PM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Toad734 said...


Go to my blog for Photos of Bush wearing a headress.

If you were in Syria you would wear one too. When in Rome...

4:08 PM, April 05, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Marie - quite the opposite - you wrote that before the Brits were released...

8:36 PM, April 05, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Nice that KTs hits are picking up.

9:54 PM, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


I saw your blog and responded to you on mine after you uh..visited my site.


I wrote what before the Brits were released? Are you on medication?

1:53 AM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh and Toad dont you mean Laura Bush?

And Mudkitty was this post about the Brits?

1:56 AM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Hey!! Toad and Mudcat, dont take it out on us because your Speaker Pelosi made an ass of herself in front of the world.


2:01 AM, April 06, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Really Marie, as if we need you to tell us that the Brits were released.

And Pelosi didn't make an ass out of anyone, she doesn't have to. Bush supporters do well enough on their own.

10:10 AM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


Has the thought crossed your mind that when I am talking on KEN'S blog that I may be talking to KEN?

I dont recall mentioning the Brit's but if I did I wasnt talking to YOU unless I attached YOUR name to the comment LIKE NOW!!

Pelosi DID make an absolute idiot out of herself on this little trip and violated the Logan Act in the process, she may have her little tail in jail for 3 years because of it. But I doubt anyone will pursue this.

11:11 AM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Ken: You're really poking it into the eye of the moonbats with that one.


2:45 PM, April 07, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Marie, did it ever occur to you that when I post on Ken's blog that you and lots of other people may be talking to Ken? Duh? Are you serious? What's your point? That you know Ken personally? Good for you. So what?

But I am glad that KTs blog hits are increasing. It always happens when Mudkitty shows up.

3:50 PM, April 07, 2007  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

No one is mentioning that Republicans went as well? OK, I will. Republicans went, too. OH, THE OUTRAGE!! (yawn)

1:45 AM, April 09, 2007  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

They don't even KNOW a delegation of MINORITY republicans went that very same week.


11:50 AM, April 09, 2007  
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